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News Watch

The SUPzero News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, SUPzero editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

One Morning SUP Surf Session With Colin and Chase

SUP World Mag (2 hrs. ago) - Blue Zone SUP team showing some serious skills and style.  read more...

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2019 Sunset Beach Pro Opens With Challenging Conditions

SUP Connect (5 hrs. ago) - After a dramatic storm that hit the islands over the past weekend bringing giant swell and storm strength winds to the North Shore of Oahu, on February 13, day one of competition, conditions proved challengeable, but manageable, with enough scoring potential to be able to get underway with the opening rounds of competition for the 2019 Sunset Beach Pro.  read more...

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Save the Zambezi – your help needed NOW!

International Rafting Federation (8 hrs. ago) - Your action is needed NOW! Follow the cause, share and promote the campaign – we need to protect one of the planet’s most beautiful yet endangered rivers.  read more...

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Werner Releases Apex Paddle – A High Performance Blade for 2019

Standup Journal (11 hrs. ago) - Global PartnerStoke. That’s what this video is all about. The race footage makes this one worth watching and will get you to watch it twice.   read more...

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What’s Driving the Large Presence of BIC on the East Coast?

SUP Examiner (14 hrs. ago) - UBICquity If you paddle on the East Coast and pay attention to people’s standup paddleboards, you’ll notice something pretty quickly.  read more...

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More headlines:

Time Site Headline
17 hrs. agoSUP World Mag Beginner SUP Foiling Surfing Tips
19 hrs. agoStandup Journal Adventure Calls: Get on An Inflatable Board
23 hrs. agoCanoe Kayak Women’s Paddling Retreat in Barbados
Feb 15Traversing Headlamp for your outdoor Adventure - Biolite
Feb 15SUP International Paddle Surf World Cup Las Canteras 2019
Feb 15TotalSUP Adventure Calls with The Voyager Range range of SUP boards
Feb 14SUP Examiner What’s Happening Around the Community
Feb 14Outdoor Industry Association Outdoor Industry Association all for outdoor brands to develop sustainable products
Feb 14SUP International Experience Finland
Feb 14Isle Surf and SUP Is Paddle Boarding Hard?
Feb 14SUP Examiner State Announces Availability of Up to $2.75 Million Funding for Local Public Agencies to Help Keep California’s Waterways Safe and Clean
Feb 14SUP International Sup Surfing on Maui
Feb 14SUP Connect Paddlesports Retailer Opens Registration for 2019 Show
Feb 14SUP International Waste2wear Board Bags From Recycled Pet Bottles
Feb 14Canoe Kayak A Deeper trip down Utah’s storied Desolation Canyon
Feb 14American Rivers Landmark Bill passed to protect wilderness in rivers and public lands, it’s great news!!
Feb 14SUP International Tips for Winter Paddle Boarding
Feb 14SUP International The World of Mistral
Feb 13American Rivers Fifty Years of Wild and Scenic Rivers in Washington: The Skagit River and Illabot Creek
Feb 13SUP World Mag Sunova Ocean Faast Pro Downwind Machine – Noic Garioud
Feb 13Distressed Mullet 2019 Crossing for a Cure 16-Week Plan With Coach Seychelle
Feb 13SUP World Mag How to Fix Your Own Surfboard Dings and Save Money – From a Boat
Feb 13SUP Tonic Proof of San Diego’s Epic Run of Swell
Feb 13Palm Blogs Staying Warm on a SUP – Paddleboarding in the Arctic
Feb 13TotalSUP Starboard 2019: New SUP Lima Paddle Has Arrived
Feb 13SUP International Skye-Ing – Inner Hebrides
Feb 13SUP Examiner Become a Dockwalker Partner and Help Keep California’s Waterways Clean
Feb 13SUP Examiner Division of Boating and Waterways Announces Availability of $1.5 Million in Funding to Help Keep California’s Waterways Safe
Feb 12TotalSUP APP World Tour Sunset Beach Pro Is Here
Feb 12SUP International Blue Zone Sup Surf Camp
Feb 12SUP Tonic Paradise Park – Necker Island
Feb 12SUP International Winter Sup in Austria
Feb 12SUP Examiner 31st Annual Dana Ocean Challenge
Feb 12SUP Examiner Win a Puakea Designs OC-1
Feb 12SUP Examiner P.L.A.Y.: The Gear You Need for Your Adventure Pup
Feb 11SUP World Mag East Coast Sup Surf
Feb 11ISA ISA Confirms Athletes Qualified for Historic Debut of Surfing and StandUp Paddle at Lima 2019 Pan American Games
Feb 11SUP Connect Red Bull Privateers Returns to Marco Island
Feb 11Standup Journal Winter Carbon Board Care: Tips From the People Who Make Them
Feb 11SUP International Sup Trip Pulau Pari, Kepulauan Seribu
Feb 11Inflatable Kayaks & Packrafts Trying Out SUP Paddle Boarding
Feb 11SUP Connect ISA Confirms Athletes Qualified for Historic Debut of SUP at 2019 Pan American Games
Feb 11SUP Examiner Infinity + Black Project Collaborate on New SUP Paddle Design
Feb 11SUP Examiner How to Be an Environmentally Conscious Traveler
Feb 11SUP Examiner Red Bull Privateers Returns to Marco Island
Feb 11Atlantic Paddle Surfing Pete Savarese, SUP Paddler Profile
Feb 10SUP Connect Tips for Paddle Boarding in the Dark
Feb 10Brittany Parker Go It Alone: Nouria Newman Is My Inspiration
Feb 10Standup Journal Winter Carbon Board Care: From the People Who Make Them
Feb 10SUP World Mag Neil Pryde Glide Foil
Feb 10SUP World Mag Starboard Inflatable Welding Technology
Feb 10SUP International New Starboard Handy Screw
Feb 10SUP International Surftrip À Dakhla
Feb 10Badfish SUP Rvr2rvr 2.0
Feb 9SUP International The Sunset Beach Pro Opens Soon
Feb 9SUP International Adventure Calls: Sup on the Isle of Skye
Feb 9Kayak Session Tips to avoid conflicts which surfing on crowded line up...
Feb 9Glide SUP Perfect time to start planning your paddling Adventure this month
Feb 9ACA In support of the S.47 Public Lands Package that is beneficial for the outdoor recreation industry
Feb 8SUP World Mag Sunova Downwind Foilboard
Feb 8ACA Find an Instructor Trainer - New Mapping Search Feature
Feb 8ACA Apply for this ACA grant if would improve youth paddling opportunities in the Midwest
Feb 8SUP International Starboard Inflatable Welding Technology
Feb 8SUP World Mag SUP Downwind – Infinity Downtown in Action
Feb 8Distressed Mullet Cold Reality - O’Neill Awesome Film on Cold Water Surfing
Feb 7SUP International East Coast Sup Surf
Feb 7SUP Connect Weekly Recap 2/5/2019
Feb 7SUP Tonic New Starboard Handy Screw
Feb 7SUP International Explore Your Dream Discovery Your Passion
Feb 7SUP World Mag Surfoil Matata 3cs Allvator
Feb 7SUP International UK Micro Adventure
Feb 7Distressed Mullet Inside Science: Paddleboarding Is Much More Than Just Exercise
Feb 7SUP International Winter Sup on Lake Walchensee in Bavaria
Feb 7SUP World Mag Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber Inflatable SUP Technology
Feb 7SUP Connect Supconnect Partners With Top Brands for Ultimate Giveaway Bundle
Feb 7SUP World Mag Sneek Peak Maldives Moon Tours- Sunova Surfboards Trip 2018
Feb 6SUP World Mag Hot Coats at Gong Factory.
Feb 6SUP International Risk and Reward
Feb 6SUP World Mag Inflatable SUP- Honest Look at iSUP’s vs. Hard Boards
Feb 6SUP World Mag Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Arctic Norway, Northern Lights
Feb 6SUP Tonic 2019 Starboard Lima Ltd SUP Race Paddle
Feb 6SUP Connect APP & WPA Form SUP’s First Qualifying Series
Feb 6SUP International Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber Inflatable Sup Technology
Feb 6SUP Connect Apsu Announces Title Sponsorship of Apsu 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival 2019
Feb 6SUP Tonic Northern Lights SUP Expedition – Cal Major
Feb 6Standup Journal Crossing for a Cure, Bimini to Lake Worth, Florida: 80 Miles of Heart
Feb 6Distressed Mullet Pilar Cayton From Costa Mesa, CA
Feb 6SUP International Phase Changes – Glaciers to Lakes
Feb 5TotalSUP Past, Present and Future by Dave Boehne
Feb 5SUP Connect Events of the Month: February 2019
Feb 5TotalSUP Glide Downwind in Tenerife With Rémy Lavie
Feb 5SUP International Northern Lights Sup Expedition- Cal Major
Feb 5SUP International Knowledge – Paddle Science 12
Feb 5Standup Journal Watch This! From River SUP to Whitewater Parks, Take Yourself to the Next Level of Adventure Paddling
Feb 4red paddle co The Ultimate Adventure Inflatable Paddle Boards


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