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The SUPzero News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, SUPzero editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

Time Site Headline
5 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB 9'2' Paddle Surf Hawaii - Wide Ripper - Distressed Mullet Classifieds The PSH is a performance surf SUP and this is a great opportunity to step down to a nice short board at a very reasonable price. 127 liters so enough float for 180lbs +. The board has a few amateur repairs but sound. Shape by Blane Chambers. I have too many other boards. I'm routinely to the AB and Cape Lookout area and occasionally to Wilmington& #10240; I$300 Carrboro, North Carolina
5 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB We did this yesterday. This is Carter on the wave from May. I can't even describe how much fun this was. Check it out.,
7 hrs. agoNaish Stand Up Paddling FB Congratulations to Annie Reickert on earning yet another podium, winning the womens stock class division at the Maui2Molokai. It was a tricky race over the 27 mile course but Annie was off like a rocket from the starting line and lead the whole way on her Maliko 14'0'. photo: Skyla Rayner
7 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB CUSTOM MHL / TRUCRAFT 14×25 on the Distressed Mullet Classifieds Custom beauty of a board hand made in Puerto Rico by Greg Jaudon, MHL / Trucraft in Florida. In fact this is the first board made under the successor brand of MHL, namely Trucraft. Board is 14x25 with approximately 290 liters volume. Suitable for heavy riders with substantial experience or intermediate to advanced riders between 160 and 200 lbs. Board is in mint condition. It was only used during a two week vacation to Puerto Rico. Board is approximately 22 lbs. And yes, it is bloody nice and fast! in Florida.
7 hrs. agoF-One Stand Up Paddle FB Sometimes things don’t go as planned. @stephaneiralour on a nice winter bomb in the #canaryislands without his #anakao #sup gun #standuppaddle #paddleboarding #waves & #128248; @tabaibo_
9 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB All checked in. Wind is blowing. #downwind #downwinder #gorge #hoodriver #hoodriveroregon @gorgedownwindchamps @officialmauijim @fullsailbrewing @gorgeperfpdx @epickayaks @kaiwaacanoes we are about to take our first shuttle.
9 hrs. agoBIC SUP FB Seek adventure and exhale the rest of your worries away. Find your board, follow your dreams - BIC SUP Wing https://goo.gl/uz5wWx Photo Credit: Luke Foley
11 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB One of two amazing customs just got listed on the MUllet. Custom MHL / Trucraft 14x24 - $1800 in Sanford FL on the Distressed Mullet Classifieds
12 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB What are you doing Aug 11th? Created in 2007, the 25-mile paddle around Manhattan is one of the premier sup and prone paddle events in the world.
12 hrs. agoPau Hana FB Pau Hana Team Riders Christian Edie and Kevin Cullen both took 1st place at the U.S. National SUP-Cross Tour in Erie, PA this past weekend on Pau Hana Vipers! Look closely and you'll notice Christian is 6 months pregnant! #PauHanaSurfSupply #SUPrace #ProWatercross #ForceofNature #PauHanaTIme — Products shown: 14'0'' | 12'6'' | Viper Fitness Paddle Board.
13 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Check out the full Hala Gear SUP board range in action! Boards for everyone, for every wave! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #halagear #riversup #riversurfing
13 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Foiling for the win! Zane Schweitzer’s win and record breaking Pailolo Channel Crossing Time! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #foil #hydrofoil #supfoil #supracing
14 hrs. agoSUPzero FB SUPzero shared a link.
16 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB Motivation Monday! Who got to watch the sup World Cup live? @
16 hrs. agoM&M SUP FB Burn that core during a sup class at our sup & core class! Thid Wednesday (18th July) 19.30-20.30 Sign up online or via morene@mm-sup.com
19 hrs. agoBIC SUP FB Size doesn't matter. Leave it inflated or pack it up, either way, it's your choice with a BIC SUP Air! Find your board follow your dreams - https://goo.gl/Gq4wEg
Jul 16F-One Stand Up Paddle FB Congrats to @joshriccio for his 2nd place 14’ and 5th SUP Overall in the @maui2molokai on his trusty RacePro 14’x23’5” #sup #standuppaddle #paddleboarding #suprace
Jul 16Distressed Mullet FB 9'2' Paddle Surf Hawaii - Wide Ripper - Distressed Mullet Classifieds https://buff.ly/2KUQZZv The PSH is a performance surf SUP and this is a great opportunity to step down to a nice short board at a very reasonable price. 127 liters so enough float for 180lbs +. The board has a few amateur repairs but sound. Shape by Blane Chambers. I have too many other boards. I'm routinely to the AB and Cape Lookout area and occasionally to Wilmington I$300 Carrboro, North Carolina
Jul 15Distressed Mullet FB Don't let the VIntage Fool You. Huki S1-X Special Surfski $750.00 in Virginia Beach, Virginia Distressed Mullet Classifieds
Jul 15Zane Schweitzer FB Power, balance and focus enhanced on the foil & #129413; Here’s a cool perspective my brother @mat5o captured with his drone! #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #Hydrofoil #LoyalToTheFoil #M2M @starboardsup @officialmauijim @honolua_surfco @appworldtour @blackprojectsup @pdlmnstr
Jul 15M&M SUP FB Summerhappinness!
Jul 15Pau Hana FB Summer time!!!!! #pauhanasurfsupply #optoutside #summerishere #pauhanatime
Jul 15BIC SUP FB Share a moment on the water with your fur friend. Find you board, follow your dreams.
Jul 15Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Surfing the Ferry wave all the way to Dublin! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #ireland #Dublinferry
Jul 15Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Best way to visit a city! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #netherland #visit #paddleboarding
Jul 15M&M SUP FB New sunny day ahead of us :)
Jul 15BruSurf FB We have race boards! Time to get ready for PPG! https://www.supthemag.com/ppg/ppg-videos/anthony-velas-tips-for-new-surf-racers/ #sf193534119
Jul 15Zane Schweitzer FB Doesn’t everyone wish they could fly?!? Stoked to get yet another Pailolo crossing in today literally flying for 25 miles from #MAUI to #Molokai!! The conditions were nice from start to finish ( #HonoluaBay to #Kaunakakai ) and my time was under 2.5 hours again! We didn’t get quite as big of swell and as strong of wind as Last weekends race but today was blowing all the way to the finish which allowed us to fly all the way through the finish line! Congrats to @kai_lenny @ryan.funk and @suptomo for finishing the crossing in foil as well and can’t forget to send a huge congratulations to @conbax for his 9th win in the #M2M 25mile crossing! ——- ——- ——- Mahalo dad, Joe and Randy for crewing on my dads boat and mahalo @kimyapmaui, @pdlmnstr and @mat5o for the nutrition, coaching and filming. #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #LiveTheTikiLife #LoyalToTheFoil #Hydrofoil @starboardsup @officialmauijim @honolua_surfco @blackprojectsup ...
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Jul 14Standup Journal FB Who else wants to Join Fanatic on Plastic Patrol?! What a great idea to help the environment, and have fun.
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Jul 14Distressed Mullet FB Points of Rock, Wyoming on way to @gorgedownwindchamps @epickayaks @puakeadesigns
Jul 14Pau Hana FB The 2018 Supconnect Awards nominations are out and we're stoked to be nominated for Brand of the Year! Show us some love and vote for us! https://www.supconnect.com/sup-brand-of-the-year-2018 #supconnectawards #supconnect
Jul 14Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB The Eurotour SUP was in Finland, a breathtaking scenery for downwind event! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #eurotourSUP #finland #downinder
Jul 14Standup Journal FB We know this feeling well..& #128514;& #128514;
Jul 14Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB The Tempest Two take on a world-first ultra-triathlon in Patagonia. The third and final leg, a world-first 100km SUP down the La Leona river. #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #riversup #patagonia #thetempesttwo #supexpedition #expedition
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Jul 14Distressed Mullet FB Wyoming and 800 more lies to good river and @gorgedownwindchamps @rinsekitusa @qbpaddles @pdlmnstr @epickayaks
Jul 14Distressed Mullet FB Have you labeled your canoe, kayak, surfski or SUP with your contact information? You should because if it blows off a dock, floats away from shore, or somehow becomes separated from you, and it's discovered, the Coast Guard will treat it as a missing person and go looking for the owner. If your name and number are on it, they can call and make sure you're ok. It also helps for stolen board or boat recovery. And photograph your serial number while you're at it.
Jul 14Distressed Mullet FB Quick stop on Colorado in route to #gorgedownwindchamps
Jul 14Zane Schweitzer FB Two evenings ago I trained on my Outrigger Canoe into the night. When I finished the sun was down past the horizon but the colors in the sky were still present. In this moment as my heart is still racing and my canoe is still moving forward with momentum from my last strokes, I felt grateful for the solitude and peace on the ocean, and as well accomplished to finished my training regardless of the busy day I had in which led me to knowing I’d be paddling into the night. #DigDeep #InnovateAndInspire #InZane #BeneathTheSurface
Jul 13Naish Stand Up Paddling FB It was awesome to have so many people lining up on their Naish ONE's for the UK N1SCO Championships at the APP World Tour London SUP Open. Check out the full album from SupJunkie here: https://goo.gl/c63kTU
Jul 13Standup Journal FB 'We made it to 60 degrees north and Glacier Bay where the weather is perfect, the glaciers are everywhere, the wildlife is crazy AND, we didn’t have any ‘situations’ with our boat.. ..I realize this is Alaska but the temperature was 81 yesterday so we blew up our Naish boards and went out - welcome to their one day of summer.' -Eric Sanford, a regular Standup Journal reader and bud, Hood River, Oregon Info on inflatable Naish boards- https://www.naishsurfing.com/products/boards/ #inflatables
Jul 13Pau Hana FB One stoked paddler! #pauhanasurfsupply #optoutside #summer #sup #pauhanatime
Jul 13Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Dolphins still glide smoother! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #dolphins #foil #supfoil
Jul 13Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Fanatic SUP tutorial: Learn how to deal with windy condition! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #suptutorial #fanaticSUP
Jul 13Art in surf FB Aloha Friday - SUBLIME @lucasmedeiros92 Em um momento nobre na vida de surfista de alma. #artinsurf #artinsurfrider #alohafriday #tubo #momento #sublime
Jul 13Distressed Mullet FB Truck stop food prep with the @rinsekitusa loaded in the back. Headed to the @gorgedownwindchamps
Jul 13M&M SUP FB Two happy Ozzies in desperate need of some watertime & #128578;
Jul 13M&M SUP FB It's gonna be hot this weekend Time to get out on, and maybe even a little jump for some cooldown in the water! We offer different classes: start up follow up, sup & core. Book now to be sure we have a board available for you!


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