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The SUPzero News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, SUPzero editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

Time Site Headline
1 hour agoWhitewater SUP Si quieres salir de la rutina en esta vacaciones, ven a los Llanos Orientales Colombianos, donde tenemos nuevas experiencias que puedes disfrutar en familia o con amigos, no te los puedes perder, llámanos (057)3125129682
2 hrs. agoMo Freitas FB The other day at #Makaha was unreal. The swell was building all day and it just got better as the sun got lower. // & #128247;- @surfshooterhawaii // #allthingswater
2 hrs. agoMo Freitas FB My very talented homie @patrickjosecalderon is creating these amazing hand gliders out of old broken boards. Here’s one he just made for me out of one of mine. Check out some of his work! // @gldrhandplanes / #staybarreled
2 hrs. agoMo Freitas FB I call this one the floater five as @marv_fr8ts try’s to cut me off & #128514;
3 hrs. agoBadfish SUP FB Our new inflatable Sk8 is the first inflatable river surfboard of its kind. With the performance of a hard board but durability of an inflatable it's guaranteed to be the gift that keeps on giving. Even Supthemag thinks so! Check us out in their 2017 Holiday Gear Guide. https://www.supthemag.com/gear/2017-holiday-gift-guide/
3 hrs. agoNaish Stand Up Paddling FB Classic longboard design with upgraded wave performance, the 2018 Nalu LE.
4 hrs. agoArt in surf FB Colocamos todas nossas quilhas em promoção até o final do verão. Aproveite.
4 hrs. agoArt in surf FB Sugestões de Natal Art in Surf
6 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB Have you ordered your gift subscription yet? Best holiday gift ever.. the stoke that keeps on giving! Only a FEW DAYS LEFT to take advantage of Standup Journal's 20% off price for a year of photos, tutorials, event breakdowns, popular sup destinations and so much MORE! Subscribe here: https://shop.standupjournal.com/product/5-issues-for-the-price-of-4-usa-only/
6 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Kai Lenny on a BIG WAVE DAY!! Jaws Peahi Challenge 2017! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #bigwave #peahichalenge #jaws
7 hrs. agoPau Hana FB The new Endurance Air is perfect for Explorers! #pauhanasurfsupply #optoutside #supexpedition #pauhanatime Amanda Lee
7 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB If we do not have open space and clean air and clean water, we have nothing.
7 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB Carolina Cup officially announces the inclusion of 14' & Under board class for women in the Graveyard course. Here's the full rub: https://standupjournal.com/events/2018-carolina-cup-14-under-womens-elite-sup-graveyard-course/
7 hrs. agoVictory Koredry FB Does anyone else love Kiteboarding? Like, Comment, Share. #victorykoredry #kiteboarding #rashguards #uvprotection
8 hrs. agoBIC SUP FB Santa does product testing before delivery. Find your board, follow your dreams - http://goo.gl/BKRtdG BIC SUP Ambassador Josh Hall
8 hrs. agoJobe FB Get off board. Meet our new boat board '18 collection.
9 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Another epic Horue movie! SUP Foil love!! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #foil #SUPfoil #hydrofoil
10 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB Seychelle added to the Paddle Monster coaching team..
11 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB It’s a new day! The Carolina Cup has announced its decision to give women the choice to ride ANY board 14’ and Under in the competitive class for the Graveyard Race. Sign up today! Photo by: Angela Van Hoof Jackson Carolina Cup
12 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB Be inspired. Learn how this young lady, Tanvi Jagadish is changing the face of surfing and standup paddling in India. These small gains have much deeper impact. Aloha, Tanvi! #StandupforWomen https://standupjournal.com/news/tanvi-jagadish-india-sup-girls-ted-talk/
13 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB “In Italy, they laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they’re all the same.” - Frederico Piccinaglia Naish Stand Up Paddling
13 hrs. agoVictory Koredry FB  #Repost @alicia_yamada (@get_repost) & #12539;& #12539;& #12539; Each day is a gift& #128157;.enjoy it& #10024; #weekend #adventure #explore #surfdestination #rashguard #surfing #surfer #surferwoman #surf #surfsup #ocean #wave #uvprotection #koredry #technology #sports #water #wateractivities #watersports #catchthesun
14 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB We are stoked to report that PaddleWoo podcast creator Erik Antonson has returned to his home break in Nosara with his family. Check out the Portal Home video to see father & son ripping it up together where their hearts want to be, home. https://vimeo.com/247146361
15 hrs. agoStarboard SUP Surfing FB 'Surfing is just not a sport to me, it is freedom. It still is freedom and a special bond with mother ocean.' India’s first female SUP athlete, Tanvi Jagadish, speaks on TED Talks.
Dec 15Distressed Mullet FB Carolina Cup announces move to 14' and Under single board class for women competing in the Graveyard:
Dec 14Starboard SUP Surfing FB Sean Poynter hitting lips and throwing buckets - like he does!
Dec 14Jobe FB Let us introduce you to the New Jobe Wake Park Collection '18. To ride like a pro.
Dec 14Pau Hana FB Whitewater in New Zealand! #pauhanasurfsupply #optoutside #whitewater #pauhanatime
Dec 14M&M SUP FB Guys its winter and cold outside which mean thé perfect time to update and optimalize our website. We're much better in outdoor activities then computers that's for sure.. Working on it and sorry if some of the info or pages are not 100% working at the moment..
Dec 14Standup Journal FB Registration is HOT right now for the ECS Boards Australia Surf Sup and Paddle Battle event on Jan. 20th-31st, 2018 on in Australia. Local legends and notables are signing up. Registration is building and surf heats are filling up for this high octane performance event on Red Head Beach. Confirmed athletes include Kaylan Dahl, Surefire Boards owner Mick Slattery, Skyla Raynor, Andrew Cassidy and Kai Bates to name a few. Stay tuned for more updates from Ecsboards!
Dec 14Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Kai Lenny takes star DJ Aoki Foiling in Hawaii! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #hawaii #oahu #foil #supfoil #hydrofoil
Dec 14Victory Koredry FB Carlos Mario and Bruna Kajiya are the 2017 World Kiteboarding League champions - bit.ly/2C3fV8f #WKL #kiteboarding #freestyle #brazilian #kiteboarders #worldchampions
Dec 14Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Great tips by ClayIsland about how to paddle out on a big board! #supworld #sup #surf Surfing #howto
Dec 14Standup Journal FB The 2018 Carolina Cup will make an announcement today about a change in divisions for the Women's Elite Graveyard race. They will now have ONE women's board class for the Graveyard race - a 14' & Under division. All female athletes will be able to ride any board length they wish in order to be fastest around the course. Stay tuned for more updates! #StandupforWomen
Dec 14Victory Koredry FB Tag someone with whom you want to visit a place like this! #victorykoredry #catchthesun #scenicbeauty
Dec 14Standup Journal FB Eat. Sleep. Fish. Repeat. [Photo: Airhead SUP Ambassador, Chad LaChance & his pal, Ranger Danger / Fishful Thinker] & #129305;& #127997;
Dec 14Standup Journal FB Eat. Sleep. Fish. Repeat. [Photo: Airhead SUP Ambassador, Chad LaChance & his pal, Ranger Danger / Fishful Thinker] & #129305;& #127997;
Dec 14NSP FB NSP - Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boards shared a link.
Dec 14Standup Journal FB Surftech teams up with apparel giant prAna to create paddleboards, paddles & accessories designed specifically for women. Check out this gorgeous line up! Surftech USA prAna #weliveforthis #StandupforWomen https://standupjournal.com/news/surftech-prana-collab-creates-style-2018/
Dec 14Distressed Mullet FB It’s beginning to look a lot like ..Santa Paddle time!
Dec 14M&M SUP FB Wow look at this cover! Actress Lupita Nyong'o in a tree pose (Vrksasana) doing supyoga! We also offer sup yoga classes since 2013 come join one of these classes from april on at one of our locations in Amsterdam. Our new schedule will be online beginning March and so is our online booking system. Looking forward the next season and sharing the sup and sup yoga fun with you!
Dec 14Victory Koredry FB & #129305; Its nice knowing your protected from the sun & #128526;
Dec 14Starboard SUP Surfing FB  #throwbackthursday to Connor Baxter waaaay back in 2012. The World #1 Stand Up Racer (SUP Racer rankings) knows how to catch bombs & makes it look all to easy as well! PC: Ben Thouard
Dec 14Whitewater SUP NZ wwsup.
Dec 14Whitewater SUP Hate to rub it in, buuuut... 2018 Starboard River 9’6”! Feels awesome underfoot so far! Go and get yours! Riverbound Sports Stand Up Paddleboard Shop - Arizona, USA
Dec 14NSP FB 'The new NSP DC Surf X is no exception but it is exceptional!' Thank you to Supthemag for this great article! The 2017 NSP Surf X was a massive success and the favourite board of many riders all over the world. In 2018 the quiver killer is composed of the 'DC Super X' focus on performance longboarding and the 'DC Surf X' shorter and faster to cover all conditions. 'Be careful, this board is a quiver killer. You might find yourself reaching for it more than anything else!' Read the article > https://www.supthemag.com/gear/nsp-dc-surf-x-pro-sup-review/ 2018 NSP Surf X > https://goo.gl/3ut6qd 2018 NSP Super X > https://goo.gl/ZBWcW1
Dec 13Boardworks Surf FB Who wants to be HERE right NOW? #Boardworks #WeLiveWater
Dec 13Starboard SUP Surfing FB What accessories have you got for your superyacht? Thanks Ian Leung for the cool drone shot!
Dec 13Naish Stand Up Paddling FB Manca Notar SUPing in a winter wonderland & #128247;: Marko Notar #naishsup Want to be fast like Manca? Register for the Naish Domestic Racer Program and get special team pricing on elite Naish racing products. https://www.naishsurfing.com/sup-domestic-racer-program/
Dec 13SUPzero FB SUPzero shared a link.


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