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The SUPzero News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, SUPzero editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

Time Site Headline
6 hrs. agoNaish Stand Up Paddling FB From top of the line to first time, the 2019 Naish paddle line is the culmination of years paddling everything from the world tour to the best waves on the planet to create the best performing paddles possible. https://goo.gl/gudmUB
10 hrs. agoBadfish SUP FB It doesn’t matter how you get there. It just matters that you go! What are you most excited for this weekend? & #128248;: @jackson.takes.photos #onewheel #shapingadventure
13 hrs. agoNaish Stand Up Paddling FB While we post a lot about racing and charging in the surf, the sport of SUP is far more diverse than just that. https://goo.gl/BjBsPL photo: frankiebees.com
14 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Foil on a tidal bore with Keahi! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #foil #supfoil
14 hrs. agoStarboard SUP Surfing FB 2019 Starboard Longboard - An Evolution Of The Classic Surf Shape. & #128165; SMOOTH, STYLISH, SIMPLE >> PRE-ORDER NOW!! & #128165; http://sup.star-board.com/products/longboard/ Inspired by our legendary Starboard Surf Longboard model, designed to perform in waves from 1ft small beach breaks to head high reef breaks. The boards offer fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to perform in the critical section of the wave. These cutting-edge shapes are totally well received by our team riders and anyone who have tested them. Congrats to designer Ollie O’Reilly for setting his mark on the sport.
15 hrs. agoVictory Koredry FB Victory KoreDry shared APP World Tour's photo.
15 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB 2019 Starboard weapon is out! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #starboard
15 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB All the new boards, paddles and gear for 2019 are ready for drooling.
16 hrs. agoPau Hana FB This looks like home for the night! #PauHanaTIme #OptOutside #ForceofNature #MaineIslandTrail #PauHanaSurfSupply
17 hrs. agoVictory Koredry FB DAY 2 Of Surfing at the New York SUP Opens Delivers Intense Competition.
20 hrs. agoBIC SUP FB “We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what’s broken,” - Wallace J. Nichols Find your board, follow your dreams - https://goo.gl/Bkv9QC BIC SUP Ambassador Julie Roach
20 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB Looks like it works for SUP, OC, Prone and OC. Could be a great option and worth the kickstarter.
Sep 20Starboard SUP Surfing FB Connor Baxter announces he is back and in fine form by winning this weekend’s APP World Tour 2018 #newyork SUP Open overall title in what was surely one of the most stacked fields of elite racers that we have witnessed this year. Connor placed 4th in the ‘bucket list’ Freedom Tower long distance event and took the top spot in the exciting Sprints beach race event to nab the overall. See full story and more pics from the #bigapple: http://sup.star-board.com/2018/09/20/baxter-is-back-wins-apps-2018-ny-sup-open-overall-title/ Picture Credits: John Carter/ APP World Tour
Sep 20Badfish SUP FB We designed the Monarch because we wanted a board that could take you anywhere. When you buy the Monarch you get everything you need (paddle, leash, pump, and bag) so you can hit the water immediately! #shapingadventure #monarch
Sep 20Naish Stand Up Paddling FB Julien Bouyer on the backhand attack with the Hokua GTW. https://goo.gl/EdyTTD photo: frankiebees.com
Sep 20Starboard SUP Surfing FB Iballa morenotwins advances to round 3 of the APP World Tour New York SUP Open & #128165; Pic: James Carter/ APP
Sep 20Pau Hana FB The waves are coming! Get your Carve Pro today! #PauHanaTime #SUPsurf #Hawaii #OptOutside #PauHanaSurfSupply
Sep 20Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Check out the latest Fanatic weapon: stable all-around board mounted on a foil… There is no day without SUPing with this! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #fanaticSUP
Sep 20Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Great tutorial by Nosara Paddlesurf! Today: how to generate speed! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #howtoSUP
Sep 20Victory Koredry FB  #RepostSave @appworldtour with @repostsaveapp & #12539;& #12539;& #12539; Thursday 09/20: Round 2 of the APP World Surfing Tour here in Long Beach, NY will start today at 7:30AM with the Pro Women on the water first. Catch the LIVE BROADCAST at www.appworldtour.com. . . . Photo by: @johncarterphotography / @appworldtour #nysupopen #appworldtour #longbeachny #izzigomez #womenssup
Sep 20Victory Koredry FB  #repost& #128247; @missbrittneynoel Celebrating Hump Day with a well-deserved twilight paddle & #128153; I know Summer is coming to an end but I'm so stoked to have the opportunity to continue boarding into cooler weather thanks to my @victory_koredry gear. Find what makes you happy friends, then find a way to do it all the time & #129305; #missbrittneynoel #livefolk #greatoutdoors #nature #vabeach #visitvirginia #loveva #757 #vbva #fitfam #getoutside #neverstopexploring #optoutside #theoutbound #sup #paddleboard #yourlifeoutdoors #fitchick #beachbum #outside_project #explore #adventure #onlyinvirginia #outdoornation #womenwhoexplore #vaoutdoors #lifeofadventure #bote #botevb #victorykoredry
Sep 20Standup Journal FB A world-class paddleboard race with a world-changing cause: keep nature in balance for people and wildlife. Ready for the Panda Paddle? Are you doing the 5k or the 10k? There is a race for you even if you are a beginner. Check out the race event: https://wwf.to/2rJChIo
Sep 20BIC SUP FB The 10’6 and 9’ Slide are soft-boards designed for all-around family fun. Their shape is a stable and proven performer for both flat water use and small wave surfing. Their full foam deck is comfortable and user-friendly for the whole family. Boards are delivered complete with an adjustable paddle, ankle leash, central carry handle for easy transport, a bungee cord on the deck for gear attachment, and a removable soft fin. Find your board, follow your dream - http://bit.ly/2yMuyej MTI Life Jackets
Sep 20Starboard SUP Surfing FB & #9731;& #65039; Starboard SUP 2019 Now Online & #9731;& #65039; Our new range is now online - see more great pics like these from our teams shoot in Norway -> http://sup.star-board.com/ 'It was like Christmas on my birthday! This is how I spent the day of my 21st back in May. And I’m pretty sure I got Georgia S Photography in the face with this snowball & #128521; Svein, however, doesn’t have the best aim so his snowball didn’t make the shot & #128514;” - Trevor Tunnington
Sep 20Distressed Mullet FB They had 3 feet of water flood their shop and are in the process of cleaning up the debris and rebuilding.
Sep 20Starboard SUP Surfing FB Starboard SUP updated their profile picture.
Sep 20Starboard SUP Surfing FB SUP Racer's 'Battle of the Brands' update post-Japan: 'Starboard SUP is still absolutely crushing the teams leaderboard with a monster tally of 1500 points, while SIC and Sunova Surfboards are locked in an arm-wrestle for third. Take a look at the latest rankings..' See full -> http://www.supracer.com/rankings/brands/
Sep 20Starboard SUP Surfing FB @supracer's 'Battle of the Brands' update post-Japan Cup: 'Starboard SUP is still absolutely crushing the teams leaderboard with a monster tally of 1500 points, while SIC and Sunova Surfboards are locked in an arm-wrestle for third. Take a look at the latest rankings..' See supracer.com/rankings/brands for full leaderboard Well done and thank you to everyone that made this possible - from R&D to Team Riders and the whole Tiki family around the globe & #128170;& #127995; we couldn’t have done this without you!! We know you wake up every day to work hard to push past what was thought to be the limits & then to keep on going & #128165; & #129327; Did you know all our Team Riders only race production boards? #starboardsup #livethetikilife #supracer #winning Feat: @conbax
Sep 20M&M SUP FB Even if we are closing down till spring '19 we do offer small group classes / tours in and around Amsterdam for as long as weather will allow us. Just let us know when and where and we'll arrange it! Email morene@mm-sup.com or 00 31 6 2120 2222
Sep 19Badfish SUP FB @bradley_hilton having some fun at the @citywave.tokyo on the Inflatable SK8 (iSK8)! #surftokyo #citywave #citywavetokyo
Sep 19Naish Stand Up Paddling FB With lingering effects of Hurricane Florence, the APP World Tour Technical Races were held in brutally hard conditions, for Casper Steinfath brutally hard is where he is most comfortable battling his way all the way to the silver medal. photo: APP World Tour
Sep 19Victory Koredry FB  #DidYouKnow - A Scotch whisky distillery teamed up with an American surfboard company to create a surfboard made from whisky barrels.
Sep 19Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Foil Jet on a glassy lake footage looks so satisfying! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #foil #vefoil
Sep 19Pau Hana FB Check out the Fall Issue of StandUp Journal with feature article of the Pau Hana Crew taking on the Maine Island Trail on Endurance Touring Boards! #pauhanasurfsupply #optoutside #standupjournal #maine #pauhanatime — Products shown: 12'0'' | Endurance Touring Paddle Board.
Sep 19Distressed Mullet FB SUO Owner Charley Lewis updates us on the situation at their shop in New Bern, NC..hard hit by Hurricane Florence..
Sep 19Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB More footage from the APP World Tour New York race 2018 #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #appworldtour #supracing
Sep 19Standup Journal FB Read this and tell me you don't want to try foiling now! 'Foiling allows you to ride a really small board on a tiny wave and have tons of fun. It just opens up so many more places and conditions. You simply don’t need great conditions anymore and you can get really excited about one foot surf!'
Sep 19Victory Koredry FB  #SurfNews - Sammy Morretino has taken out the 2018 Drop-Knee World Championships, at Praia Grande, in Sintra, Portugal.
Sep 19BIC SUP FB BIC SUP Ambassador Lou Bouvet is practicing her SUP yoga at her water lily farm on Maui, where there is always a spot to connect with nature and create balance. Find your board, follow your dreams - https://goo.gl/aPnFDV
Sep 19Jobe FB Enjoy your favorite watersport even behind a boat with outboard motor with a bridle.
Sep 19Distressed Mullet FB Distressed Mullet shared a link.
Sep 19Distressed Mullet FB Distressed Mullet was live.
Sep 19Distressed Mullet FB Distressed Mullet shared a link.
Sep 19Distressed Mullet FB Here are the key things to know about where we are with Florence now - from WRAL News: At least 33 people have been killed in the storm and its aftermath, including 26 in North Carolina. More than 2,600 people and nearly 600 animals have been rescued. 342,884 remain without power. Fayetteville and Lumberton are both at risk for flooding.The Cape Fear River is expected to crest at 61.5 feet by Wednesday, and the Lumber River was cresting Tuesday but will stay in major flood stage into next week. Interstate 95 remains closed from Johnston County to the South Carolina line, and Interstate 40 remains closed from I-95 to Wilmington. DOT has cleared a route to get emergency supplies into Wilmington, which has been effectively cut off from the rest of the state by flooding. The state port at Wilmington will open Wednesday to help get supplies to the area. And we'll add the more and more folks are reporting their power has been restored and/or they are finally able to get home.
Sep 19Distressed Mullet FB Happy to see One by one, each of our friends come back on line after Florence. Happy for you Rick! #Repost @wbvirick & #12539;& #12539;& #12539; Feeling so grateful that we had NO flooding & #128588;& #127996; and did not even lose one shingle! Thank you God for answering my prayers & #128591;& #127996; & #128591;& #127996; keeping us all safe and protecting us!! . . #faithful #grateful #thumbsup #hurricaneflorence @surfberrywb @wbsurfcamp
Sep 19Badfish SUP FB Japan is really making a name for itself as a whitewater and river surfing destination. & #127940;& #127995;‍& #9794;& #65039;: @yamay19 #rivershred #riversurfing #surfjapan #paddlejapan
Sep 19SUPzero FB SUPzero shared a link.
Sep 19NSP FB Big shootout to one of the younger members of Lexus SUP Team hailing from Puerto Rico - coming to a podium near you soon! #NSPsurfnsup #NSP #NSPSUP #NSPRacing #livetheadventure #paddling #supsurf #balance #outdoors #sustainablesurf #nowanyonecansurf #recessdeck #dugout #sonic #ninja #puma #carolina
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