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SUPzero News Flash

Our famous News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. Our editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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Some recent examples
Daily News Flash:Weekly Digest:
December 30th 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Ortigia Sup Race 2019 » Salitre Fest: SUP Race 2019 » How the Inspirational Mike Shoreman, the Unbalanced Paddleboarder Became a SUPer Hero » Largest Pure Fishing Show in US Returns to Michigan » Paddleboard Surf Racing Challenge at Riverfest 2019
December 28th 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Active Thoughts on the Flat Water Loop » How to Make Your Kayak an Extension of Your Body » Kayaking in the Shadow of Everest » Yak Taurus PFD – Review » Stand Up Paddle Surfing
December 25th 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Preparing for Your Winter SUP Escapades » Ireland’s Eye by Stand-Up Paddle » RRP Proguard Bolt on Mudguard – Review » Aquamarina Race Board 12’6 » Out paddling the shores in the Fog for the Christmas Bird Count!!
December 24th 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Sometimes All We Need Is a Little Perspective » What’s Your Adventure Vehicle? » SUP Star Training » Tahiti'S Poenaiki Raioha Takes Home World Title in Gran Canaria » Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for the Cold Weather Paddler
December 22nd 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Whitewater Kayaking 2019 in Review » Are You Ready for ERC 2020 on Devil’s Stream? » Gran Canaria 2019 – Day 3 Highlights » SUP Fusion-Longboard 2020 Jp Australia » Aquamarina Race Board 12’6
Week 51, 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Five reasons I love paddling slalom (even though I suck) » Choosing Where to Fish From Your Kayak » My Buoyancy Aid for Kayak Fishing » The Best Boots for Canoeing » Winter Right on Cue
Week 50, 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Hey TBI Survivors, You'Re Not Out of the Woods » Cleveland Boat Show Adds Fishing Expo to the Mix » Epic captivating event for whitewater paddlers - The Green Race! » 2019 Challenge Plus » Cold Water Catches
Week 49, 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Developing and connecting with the local kayaking community - Park Jam 2019 » Thames, home to amazing weirs for paddlers to get whitewater training and practice » How Durable Is a Jackson Kayak? » Destination Guide – Inside Passage, BC, Canada » Let’s Talk About Swims
Week 48, 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » 5 Tips for Getting Your Boat Through the Airport » An Egg Rock Eagle » Zambezi White Water Festival – a bucket list item! » Whitewater Kayaking Is Supposed to Be Fun » Why Kayaking Is Insane(ly) Fun for Kids
Week 47, 2019 $GLOBALS[sitename] newswatch » Expectations Can Ruin Any Experience » EJ traces the genesis of how he built the kayak Jackson Brand that’s super popular today » Take a look at this Nookie Octane womens dropseat drysuit » Musky and Bass Kayak Fishing in Canada – Part 2 » How to Pack for your Grand Canyon Adventure


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