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jblakeney added a video. 7 hours 9 minutes ago

BIC Techno 293 Europeans 2018 - DAY 2

For all competitors it was still 5 more days and 9 more races to go this morning. For "Jono" who is sailing alone around the Europe it was still...

Aniol added a video. 15 hours 25 minutes ago

Sutherland falls 2018

Kuba added a video. 21 hours 51 minutes ago

Botič / Rio Botičo 2018. Urban canoeing Prague

RIVER GUIDE / VODÁCKÝ PRŮVODCE https://www.horydoly.cz/vodaci/botic-vodacky-pruvodce-a-kilometraz.html

jblakeney added a video. yesterday

BIC Techno 293 Europeans 2018 - DAY 1

4 of 6 medalist from Youth Olympic Games 2018 which recently finished in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA are racing here in Varkiza, GREECE. One week to...

Todd Wells added a video. 2 days ago

Chaka 1-min teaser

jblakeney added a video. 2 days ago

BIC Techno 293 Europeans 2018 - DAY 0

Warm welcome to all in Greece. Weather which qualifies for summer in most of Europe and friendly smiles from the locals. 236 atheletes from 22...

corran added a video. 3 days ago

Angel slalom kayak from Soul Waterman

4yr old Kailix Addison tries out the new kids Angel slalom kayak. It's much to big for him at 4yrs old (he can't reach the footrests, and has about...

EJ added a video. 4 days ago

How to Air Screw your kayak

Dane Jackson Teaches the Air Screw


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