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danejackson added a video. yesterday

"IT"S ROWDY IN THERE!!" | Raven Fork at 20 Inches

After a hard rain Matt Anger and I decided that we wanted to get a lap on the Raven Fork despite being at a fairly healthy 20 inches. I had never...

danejackson added a video. 2 days ago

"ACTUALLY KINDA EPIC!" - The Cascades at 900cfs

The Nantahala Cascades are a section that are normally run around 300cfs. Which makes for a fun section but pretty manky at times. But once you...

danejackson added a video. 4 days ago


What started as another day freestyle training for team trials turned into getting the best of both realms. When in the water at the Nantahala...

danejackson added a video. 6 days ago

BACK IN WHITE SALMON!! [ sort of ]

Made it to White Salmon to crush some laps before freestyle team trials, although conditions weren't exactly what I had hoped.

danejackson added a video. 1 week ago


Many people ask what I use on my paddle to increase the grip, today I thought I would answer that question!

danejackson added a video. 2 weeks ago

"One of the sickest runs in California!" | South...

Check out the GoPro POV of what I think is one of the best runs in California, just on the sheer amount of quality whitewater packed together! Big...

danejackson added a video. 2 weeks ago

ANTIX HIGHLIGHT REEL | With Team Jackson Kayak

The boat that does it all! From surfing waves, to the hardest creeks, the Antix takes you to wherever you wanna go. It's the play your way down the...

danejackson added a video. 3 weeks ago

"The Best Hole Ever" - Bennett Smith [ Sticky...

Check out a quick session with Dane and Bennett Smith at "Sticky Hole". It's a little tricky to figure out but is definitely one of the best holes...

danejackson added a video. 3 weeks ago

Monkey Wrench Hole w/ Team JK

Check out a quick session with Team Jackson Kayak at Monkey Wrench Hole in Columbus, GA. Such a sick little feature, lots of potential for combos...

danejackson added a video. 2 months ago

Daddy's Creek Race TN

I finally was in the southeast at the right to check out the 7th annual Daddy's Creek Race outside of Crossville, Tn. It was awesome to meet up with...


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