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Kids & Kayaking
Back Stab by Ken Whiting
New Ocean Surf Moves .?!
Freestyle, le CD ROM
Full loop photo sequence
Rodeo: all wave moves in a 1min30s movie
Rodeo: splitwheel
Rodeo: cartwheel
Rodeo: matrix
Rodeo: left blunt
Rodeo: right blunt
Freestyle: rock 360
Freestyle: freewheel
Rodeo: roundhouse
Rodeo: aerial blunt
Rodeo: back stab
Rodeo: clean spin
Rodeo: flat spin
Freestyle: moves info on other sites
Rules: ocean surfing etiquette
C1: rodeo, off side cartwheel
C1: basics, cross deck paddle
C1: basics, draw stroke
C1: basics, the perfect J-stroke
C1: freestyle, off side stern squirts
Freestyle: stern splat
C1: basics, sculling draw stroke
C1: rodeo, flat spin
C1: rodeo, splitwheel
C1: basics, stern rudder
C1: basics, support stroke
C1: basics, sweep stroke
C1: rodeo, cross deck blunt
Rodeo: hand blunt
Snowyak: Snow Spin :-)
C1: rodeo, cartwheel

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