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The SUPzero Factor - Sonni Honscheid 2018

Sonni Honscheid

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SUPzero Factor April 2018: 203 points.

Relative: 43.6% of top scorer. Average: 7.0 points per day.

Brands: SIC Maui

Date Category Site Headlines
Apr 26 News ... ...
Apr 25 News ... ...
Apr 25 News ... ...
Apr 23 News ... ...
Apr 22 News ... ...
Apr 22 News ... ...
Apr 16 News ... ...
Apr 12 News ... ...
Apr 12 News ... ...
Apr 11 Social ... ...
Apr 11 News ... ...
Apr 10 News SUP Magazine Marcus Hansen and Sonni Hönscheid Win Air France Paddle Fest
Apr 10 News SUPracer Sonni powers her way to victory at the Air France Paddle Festival
Apr 9 News SUP Connect Update of the intense racing that took place at the Air France Paddle Festival
Apr 8 Social Standup Journal FB A huge congrats to the The Paddle League for an incredible opening event to this year’s inaugural tour. The Airfrance Paddle Festival this weekend featured breakout performances by Marcus Hansen of Team NSP and Sonni Honscheid of Team Starboard. Super challenging conditions under a windless and scorching Tahitian sun brought out the warrior spirit for the world’s best sup racers. Conquering champion Michael Booth fought valiantly for the dominant front position for most of the race, only to be caught by Marcus in the final 500 meters. Gutsy performances all around for the men in brutally hot conditions. For the women, the ever impressive @yuka17 came charging through the finish in 2nd and Fiona Wylde crossed the line in 3rd place.
Apr 7 News TotalSUP Air France Paddle Festival 2018 : “Défendre notre plan d’eau et les couleurs de notre Fenua!”
Apr 6 News TotalSUP The Air France Paddle Festival 2018 Has Arrived

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