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The SUPzero Factor - Nick Troutman 2018

Nick Troutman

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SUPzero Factor June 2018: 109 points.

Relative: 15.7% of top scorer. Average: 3.8 points per day.

Brands: Jackson Kayak, Pau Hana

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Jun 26 Videos ... ...
Jun 21 Press ... ...
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Jun 14 Social ... ...
Jun 11 Social ... ...
Jun 10 Social Eric Jackson Downriver Kayak Sprint Race at GoPro Mountain Games is also over.. I was happy with my results in this 20 minute race with a 5th place. I beat my kids (always fun)- just ahead of Dane Jackson by .7 seconds and Nick Troutman by 2 seconds, and then Vavrinec from Czech (Olympic silver medalist at last olympics in slalom) by 8 seconds. Gerd from Spain won, then Isaac from USA (Team JK), then Mattias from Argentina (Team JK), then Pedro from Chile (Team JK), then me. It was a shallow water, easy whitewater, endurance race that was all physical with stroke technique, boat placement to keep it off the bottom and just driving to the finish line for 20 minutes without getting blown out physically. The Jackson Kayak Nirvana creek boat took 6 of the top 7 spots. Fast boat!
Jun 10 Videos Video: Grand Canyon: Self Support adventure
Jun 10 Social Eric Jackson I got my first running race win in the 5K Mountain Run for my Age Group (50-59) which is helping me in the 'Ultimate Mountain Challenge' race which is basically a 'let's see who can do the most events and finish in 1st or top 10 in them.' competition. Purely for 'effect' and for the fun of it, I sprinted the start of this race and maintained a lead over the entire field.. until the 8,000 foot altitude and the up the ski mountain incline required more oxygen and horsepower in the legs than I could produce and I spent the next 18 minutes suffering for it. Of course I ran this race in my Vans and Dickies instead of running clothes. Nick won his age group and Emily also raced and finished in the middle of her pack. I am in 5th place as of this morning for the events. I am hoping that the 8 Ball and SUP Cross go well for me today to move up the ladder some.. My son-in-law Nick Troutman is ahead of me and has done at last three more non kayaking events than me. My ...
Jun 9 Social Canoe & Kayak Magazine FB Family man Nick Troutman's 2017 Wild and Free tour.
Jun 6 Social Jackson Kayak FB An epic edit from a few Stakeouts Back.. Dane Jackson and Nick Troutman killing it: Jackson Kayak #jkallstar #ruinswave Rush Sturges
Jun 2 Social Jackson Kayak FB Nirvana Takes the Top 7 Finishes at the South St Vrain Race here at the Lyons Outdoor Games- Top 5 Men were: 1. Nick Troutman 2. Matias Lopez 3. Tad Dennis 4. Andre Spino-Smith 5. Eric Jackson Also props to Sage Donnelly for being the only female athlete on the course this afternoon!
Jun 2 News Jackson Kayak The Golden Games: Voted Elevation Outdoors Best Paddling Event

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