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The SUPzero Factor - Michael Booth 2018

Michael Booth

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SUPzero Factor June 2018: 141 points.

Relative: 20.3% of top scorer. Average: 4.9 points per day.

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 27 News ... ...
Jun 20 News ... ...
Jun 19 Social ... ...
Jun 19 News ... ...
Jun 18 News ... ...
Jun 18 Social ... ...
Jun 18 News ... ...
Jun 18 News ... ...
Jun 16 News ... ...
Jun 11 Social ... ...
Jun 9 News SUPracer Olivia Piana Overpowers Queen Sonni, Boothy Wins Epic Duel With Titou in One of the Best Races of the Year
Jun 8 News TotalSUP Boothy Launches Coaching Platform
Jun 5 Social Starboard SUP Surfing FB The Euro Tour Stop #5 World SUP Festival Costa Blanca press release published >> Feat. 'Speed Blur' Michael Booth
Jun 2 Social Starboard SUP Surfing FB 🥇 Yeah Boothy!! 🥇Michael Booth wins stop #5 of The Euro Tour at the World SUP Festival Costa Blanca on his Sprint 14 x 21.5 in challenging conditions. Amazing performances all round by the Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing Dream Team with teammate Bruno Hasulyo SUPBROz for pushing Boothy hard all the way to the line for 2nd position, with Leonard Nika Daniel Dasulyo also placing in the top 5. Thanks The Paddle League for bringing us great coverage and SUP Racer for the awesome story time. 📸 Georgia S Photography 👌🏻
Jun 2 Social Starboard SUP Surfing FB The European showdown continues with Stop #5 of The Euro Tour this morning for the World SUP Festival in Costa Blanca, Spain 🇪🇸 Pic feat. Michael Booth Watch LIVE on Facebook at World SUP Festival Costa Blanca from 11.30am today with SUP Racer The Paddle League 🌎 International start times as follows: 11.30am Saturday in Spain = 11.30pm Friday in Hawaii = 11.30pm Friday in Tahiti = 2.30am Saturday in California = 4.30am Saturday in Peru = 5.30am Saturday in Florida = 6.30am Saturday in Brazil = 10.30am Saturday in the UK = 11.30am Saturday in France = 4.30pm Saturday in Thailand = 6.30pm Saturday in Japan = 7.30pm Saturday in Australia = 8.30pm Saturday in New Caledonia = 9.30pm Saturday in New Zealand
Jun 2 News SUPracer Michael Booth and Noelani Sach Have Won a Wild Week 5 of the EuroTour in Spain.

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