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The SUPzero Factor - Marcus Hansen 2017

Marcus Hansen

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SUPzero Factor June 2017: 28 points.

Relative: 6.1% of top scorer. Average: 1.0 points per day.

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 19 Social ... ...
Jun 17 Social ... ...
Jun 7 Social ... ...
Jun 6 News ... ...
Jun 5 Social NSP FB While our NSP's Titouan, Marcus & Susanne were leading The Euro Tour, the New Zealand Team did great at the Far North SUP Tour NZ! 3 days racing on three different spot! Paihia, KeriKeri and Matauri Bay. Congratulations to the NSP's racers all around the world for this amazing weekend! #NSP #TeamNSP #NewZealand #Race #SUP #StandUpPaddle #boards #technology #speed Sam Thom Shaan Miller Matt Anderson Titouan Puyo Marcus Hansen Susanne Lier
Jun 3 Social NSP FB The Facebook live stream of our friend SUP Racer just started! Who will be the king of The Euro Tour Thonon? Stay tuned to support the team! 20 km of pleasure with no wind and no bump to catch, it's going to be a very tactical race! GO Titouan Puyo, Marcus Hansen & Susanne Lier! #NSP #TeamNSP #Race #SUP #StandUpPaddle #Boards #TheEuroTour #international #event Thonon Sup Race Euro Tour 2017
Jun 1 Social NSP FB NSP's Marcus Hansen and Susanne Lier are getting ready for The Euro Tour race to Thonon, Switzerland. Titouan Puyo and Alain Teurquetil are on their way to join them to train before this racing weekend! It's going to be an exciting week end again! From the unique crossing to the iconic location to the surreal start line shuttle, Thonon Sup Race Eurotour 2017 is shaping up to be a real highlight of this year’s Tour! Let's all support the team following the Facebook live from our friend SUP Racer! #NSP #TeamNSP #race #SUP #StandUpPaddle #boards #TheEuroTour #Competition #international

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