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The SUPzero Factor - Fiona Wylde 2019

Fiona Wylde

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SUPzero Factor June 2019: 48 points.

Relative: 36.4% of top scorer. Average: 1.7 points per day.

Brands: StarBoard

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 26 Social ... ...
Jun 22 News ... ...
Jun 20 Social ... ...
Jun 15 News ... ...
Jun 15 Social Starboard SUP Surfing FB Micheal Booth & Fiona Wylde Lead the Charge at 2019 Corfu Emerald Cup, Greece and take home some pretty big cheques! Starboard SUP teammate Leo Nika paddles home to a 3rd place podium, a hugely impressive performance against a stacked field of elite racing names. 'Very happy to race with confidence and have a strong race! I felt good early and took a gamble to paddle the opposite way of the field when a boat went through. From there I focused on each stoke and kept a solid average. Was a hot flat grind with so many of the worlds best and it was nice to do what I have done in previous years for the first time this season.' ~ Michael Booth “I am so happy to win here in Corfu! It was a really challenging race with the heat and dead flat conditions, but my blood sugar was amazing today and I was feeling strong. I got a gap early and was able to hold it for the entire race. Couldn’t be happier with a win in Greece, especially after the epic week we’ve been ...
Jun 6 Social Standup Journal FB Now, that’s a quiver to be proud of! Fiona Wylde makes some decisions about what her day is going to look like 😉 Starboard SUP
Jun 5 Social Starboard SUP Surfing FB How is your breathing today? With today being World Environmental Day and this year’s focus on air pollution, this shouldn’t be the only day you think about the question above. On the flip side, it could be the day a seed is planted into your mind. Sparking off the idea that you want that breath of fresh air more and more until you want to activate a change. To help you breathe deep and full when you are paddling, windsurfing or stretching after your session. So maybe, this year that seed could become a real-life sapling that you can plant? You may know that Starboard has been offsetting its Carbon Emissions since 2017 by planting CO2 sequestering mangroves in Myanmar. Right now, we are calling for you as individuals, families, teams, or dynamic duos to get your hands muddy and get planting a tree yourself! Whether it’s an easy Eucalyptus tree in Australia, a Carbon Dioxide super absorber Spekboom tree in South Africa or a blustering Birch tree in Spain. Each and ...

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