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The SUPzero Factor - Fiona Wylde 2017

Fiona Wylde

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SUPzero Factor June 2017: 39 points.

Relative: 8.5% of top scorer. Average: 1.3 points per day.

Brands: StarBoard

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 19 News ... ...
Jun 16 News ... ...
Jun 10 Social ... ...
Jun 9 Social Instagram Fiona Wylde @fiona_wylde from Day 4 of the APP World Tour @appworldtour #SunsetBeachPro - Photo by Brian Bielman @brianbielmann / www.appworldtour.com - #APPWorldTour #APPWorldTour2017 #SUP #SUPSurfing #SunsetBeach #NorthShore #Oahu #StandUpPaddleSurf
Jun 9 Social Instagram We're fans of making every day Ocean Day ha ha, but this year we want to give a massive shout out to all our incredible SUPKids Schools, who are committed to teaching kids all over the world how to paddle & protect their planet °°° Shout out to Karen in NYC, Luca in Noli, Marco in Sardinia, Tomo in Japan, Amy in Shanghai, Maggie in Taiwan, Ingrid in Amsterdam, Jason in Barbados, Adam in Mexico, Leilani in Portland, Joon in Korea, Jetske in U.K, Tricia in NJ, Tim in CA, Gerry in IL, Eric in Germany, Javier in Colorado, Bill in Ohio and Carl in Myanmar.... you guys are all epic!!! ° @distressedmullet @supthemag @standupjournal @supboardermag @standupmagazin @1percentftp @supindustry @supconnect @standuppaddlemagazine @standupworldseries @outsidemagazine @plasticpollutes @plastictides @eurotoursup @appworldtour @bcorporation @tyfadventure @joel_harper33 @allthewaytotheocean @chriscouve @chrisbertish @leonardnika @seanpoynter @conbax @_michaelbooth @danielhasulyo @brunohasulyo @oliviapiana @benoit_carpentier @shakirawestdorp @fiona_wylde @izzigomez_ @sonnihoenscheid @dylanfrick720 @morenotwins @alek.ramos @joselin.jos.ramos #supkids #starboardsup #sup #standuppaddleboarding #livethetikilife #oceanplastics #oceans #sustainability #environment #nature #starboardsupkids #starboard #bcorp #parley #parleyxsupkids #oceans #parleyfortheoceans #sustainablesurf #worldoceansday

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