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The SUPzero Factor - Fiona Wylde 2019

Fiona Wylde

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SUPzero Factor May 2019: 99 points.

Relative: 37.8% of top scorer. Average: 3.3 points per day.

Brands: StarBoard

Date Category Site Headlines
May 18 Social ... ...
May 18 Social ... ...
May 18 News ... ...
May 13 Social ... ...
May 11 News ... ...
May 11 Social NSP FB And Vendée Gliss Event 2019 is over, #teamnsp battled and we're proud to have some of the best athletes worldwide on our team. Congratulations with that top spot T2, Ty and Annie - just brutal! The Euro Tour - that livestream was something else! #wreckmynervesbaby Full results below. Truly a fantastic race everyone! Men 🏆 1. Titouan Puyo 2. Arthur Arutkin 3. Michael Booth 4. Ty Judson 5. Boris Jinvresse 6. Enzo Bennett 7. Martin Letourneur 8. Bruno Hasulyo 9. Giordano Bruno Capparella 10. Joseph Gueguen Women 🏆 1. Fiona Wylde 2. Amandine Chazot 3. Annie Reickert 4. Olivia Piana 5. Yuka Sato #justaddwater #NSPsurfnsup #NSP #NSPSUP #NSPRacing #livetheadventure #paddling #supsurf #balance #outdoors #recessdeck #dugout #sonic #ninja #puma #carolina #ecoboard #sustainablesurf #harmlessharvest Training Week Noelani Sach SupJunkie GBSUP National Series Harmlessharvest Pics by Vendée Gliss Event SUP International Magazine Supconnect Standup Journal STANDUP ...
May 9 News SUP World Mag Episode 2 of the SUP Show with an interview with Fiona Wylde.
May 7 News SUPracer Azur Paddle Days: Fiona Wylde, Michael Booth claim victory in France
May 6 Social Starboard SUP Surfing FB The @starboardsup Dream Team was scattered around the globe this weekend but were united in once again delivering superb results in their respective events from Taiwan to Maui. Read full article >> In short: Asia saw Sonni Hönscheid and Daniel Hasulyo on top podium spots at the Taiwan Paddle Games, Europe saw Michael Boothand Fiona Wylde paddle to victory at the Azur Paddle Days event in France, then over in North America we witnessed Connor Baxter taking on the Salt Life Columbus Cup and winning on the 14’ Airline while fellow teammate Zane Kekoa Schweitzer tackled something a little closer to home – the tough Paddle Imua Championship on Maui – to finish on the top podium position.

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