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The SUPzero Factor - Dane Jackson 2017

Dane Jackson

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SUPzero Factor February 2017: 137 points.

Relative: 24.8% of top scorer. Average: 5.1 points per day.

Brands: Jackson Kayak, Kokatat

Date Category Site Headlines
Feb 27 Social ... ...
Feb 16 News ... ...
Feb 14 Videos ... ...
Feb 14 Social ... ...
Feb 13 Social ... ...
Feb 13 Social ... ...
Feb 13 News ... ...
Feb 13 Social ... ...
Feb 12 News ... ...
Feb 12 Social ... ...
Feb 9 Social ... ...
Feb 7 News ... ...
Feb 7 Social Kayak Session FB Team Jackson Kayak was at it again this year exploring the whitewaters of the Hawaiian islands. The rivers are super rain dependent, and the waiting finally paid off for the boys. Watch Dane Jackson run rainbow falls. spectacular! #whitewater #hawaii #mahalo
Feb 7 Forums /r/whitewater Hawaiians react to Dane Jackson running one of their waterfalls... Substantial Media chimes in
Feb 6 Social Kayak Session FB Follow Dane Jackson, Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern and Kalob Grady as they chase the biggest waterfalls and hardest rapids that Chile has to offer. #chile #whitewater #kayak #SEND #fuego
Feb 4 News Canoe Kayak Video: Dane Jackson paddles 80-foot Hawaiian waterfall
Feb 4 News Canoe Kayak Week in Review: February 3, 2017
Feb 2 Social Instagram 'Like totally tubular' - Dane Jackson about to be swallowed by the Lucifer wave on the Gatineau River. ° #swallowed #epic #closeout #whitewater #jacksonkayak #wileyx #livewithoutlimits #bullfrog #bfultimateperformance #lifepoints
Feb 1 Social Kayak Session FB Check out Team Jackson Kayak during their 2017 waterfalls in Hawaii, going out at sea to paddle where the Kilauea volcano’s lava flows into the ocean. spectacular! Nick Troutman Rafael Ortiz Dane Jackson Kalob Grady Joel J Kowalski #hawaii #whitewater #kayak

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