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The SUPzero Factor - Connor Baxter 2017

Connor Baxter

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SUPzero Factor June 2017: 113 points.

Relative: 24.7% of top scorer. Average: 3.9 points per day.

Brands: StarBoard

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 26 Social ... ...
Jun 21 News ... ...
Jun 19 Social ... ...
Jun 19 News ... ...
Jun 17 News ... ...
Jun 13 News ... ...
Jun 12 News ... ...
Jun 10 Social ... ...
Jun 6 News ... ...
Jun 6 Social ... ...
Jun 4 Forums Stand Up Zone Re: Flat water paddle on Surf SUP
Jun 3 Social Starboard SUP Surfing FB Tune into SUP Racer at 12:40pm French time to watch Connor Baxter, Sonni Hönscheid, Michael Booth, Olivia Piana and the rest of the #dreamteam take on Lake Geneva! 20km slight upwind, sunny and hot! This will be one of the toughest races of the year. If you can't watch live, keep an eye on our Insta story and watch out tonight for photos and videos from the event @starboardsup #livethetikilife
Jun 3 Social Instagram Connor Master in Lausanne°°°°° #connorbaxter#conbax#sup#standuppaddle#eurotoursup#supracer#starboardsup#lausanne#worldchampion#fast#hawaii#flatwater#leman#lake
Jun 3 News SUPracer Boothy Breaks Elite Field to Claim the Crossing From Switzerland to France; Sonni Hönscheid Wins Third Straight EuroTour Race
Jun 2 Social Instagram Great time yesterday with Connor Baxter and all the participants to the clinic. Thank you Connor for sharing with us your great technique. We all improved and had a blast with you!!! Great also to have the visit of Bart de Zwart that just broke world record of 24 hours SUP distance setting it at 193.8 KM. Finally thank you also to Starboard Switzerland for supporting the clinic with material. #sup #starboard #walkingonwater #training #eurotour #suprace
Jun 1 News standuppaddlesurf.net Connor Wins the 2017 Hossegor Paddle Games – Event Recap by Connor Baxter

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