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The SUPzero Factor - Casper Steinfath 2018

Casper Steinfath

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SUPzero Factor November 2018: 128 points.

Relative: 49.8% of top scorer. Average: 4.4 points per day.

Brands: Naish

Date Category Site Headlines
Nov 29 News ... ...
Nov 29 Social ... ...
Nov 27 News ... ...
Nov 27 Social ... ...
Nov 26 Social ... ...
Nov 24 News ... ...
Nov 22 News ... ...
Nov 20 Social ... ...
Nov 20 News ... ...
Nov 19 News ... ...
Nov 18 Social Standup Journal FB SUPer powerhouse Casper Steinfath shreds his way to greater happiness in this home waters of Denmark. Casper is headed to China this week for the ISA World Championships followed by a leg in Paris for the final stop on the APP World Tour. No doubt, with that infamous stoke, he’ll be grinning the whole way! 🤙🏽 #belikeCasper #superstokeSunday NaishSUP Naish Stand Up Paddleboards
Nov 12 Social Naish Stand Up Paddling FB Casper Steinfath fitting right in in California. Photo: Nicklas Kold Nagel
Nov 10 Social Naish Stand Up Paddling FB It’s not all racing for Casper Steinfath in California. He’s sneaking a few sessions on his Hokua as well. Video: Nicklas Kold Nagel
Nov 9 News SUPboarder Casper Steinfath aka ‘The Viking’ New Vblog worth a watch
Nov 8 Social Naish Stand Up Paddling FB What happens when Red Bull Heavy Water gets cancelled? Find out in the third and final installment of Casper Steinfath's Cali Lyfe.
Nov 2 Social Naish Stand Up Paddling FB Red Bull Heavy Water may have been postponed until 2019, but that didn't stop Casper Steinfath from preparing to defend his title. Even when camping off the grid. video: Nicklas Kold Nagel

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