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Our famous News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. SUPzero editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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Playak Weekly Digest - week 40, 2018
Playak Weekly Digest
The world's top paddling news in week 40, 2018.
Palm Blogs What’s in my PFD?
Palm Blogs - There are some common boat problems you are better off being able to fix while on the water. Time, distance or conditions mean you do not always have the option of landing your kayak to fix a problem. Fishing out a repair kit from deep inside your hatch, might not be a robust solution either. Having well thought out solutions for common problems, should be available in your PFD. This gives you as a sea kayaker more operational leeway in a potentially sticky situation.
Palm Blogs Crazy time in Spain being part of the Salt Kayak Festival
Palm Blogs - This September Zosia and I spent three crazy days in Spain – we were a part of Salt Kayak Festival which took place in Salt near Girona. We have returned here for the festival after visting in 2014 for the freestyle kayak World Cup. Friday It was great event full of positive energy with lots of action. At Friday at...
Canoe Kayak A deeper look at "the untold story of kayaking's boldest voyage,"
Canoe Kayak - In the summer of 1987 Ed Gillet achieved what no person has accomplished before or since, a solo crossing from California to Hawaii by kayak. Gillet underestimated the abuse his body would take from the relentless, pounding swells of the Pacific, and early into his voyage he was covered with saltwater sores and found that he could find no comfort sleeping inside the stock tandem kayak he used.
Small World Adventures Kayaking Russia’s Altai Mountains
Small World Adventures - Don and I have been slackers on the blog since buying the business back. A combination of traveling, getting Small World Adventures back up and running, my Amazon Woman book, podcasts, and other projects have been focusing our attention in other directions. But this is the fall of catching up!
Canoe Kayak Paddling Parents upping the game of whitewater kayaking for their child - The Challenges
Canoe Kayak - It was a slightly smoother journey for Eddlemon and his wife, Laura (who met at roll practice), to quickly get their son Alex interested in the “family affair” of paddling. However, as Alex took to the sport and his skills progressed, his parents found it more difficult to keep him interested. The search for more challenging whitewater began to extend the family outings into colder, wetter off-seasons that became only filled with more hardships ready to “hijack” their son’s comfort -- and with it, his interest in paddling
Outdoor Industry Association Washington on the path of adopting clean energy to support outdoor recreation
Outdoor Industry Association - I-1631, is the right direction to have the Washington economy to support renewable energy, outdoor recreation, and local communities and with it investing in healthy forests , clean water sounds healthy.
Jackson Kayak 5 Strategies for Boatercross
Jackson Kayak - Boatercross is one of the most intense races, where you and your friends go head to head in a downriver or gaint slam race. The smallest mistake can cost you everything here are some strategies to help you succeed in the boater cross.
Newfoundland Sea Kayaking Great day on water, If only every day could be like this!
Newfoundland Sea Kayaking - For me, the coast line between Chance Cove and Rantem never gets old. I think its my favourite stretch of coast that I've ever paddled.
Adventure Kayak Box store kayak vs kayaks from specialty stores and paddlesport manufacturers
Adventure Kayak - It’s the battle between price, quality, and customer service. Many first time paddlers choose a box store kayak or low cost kayak, for their kayak outing. So, are they worth it in terms of the quality, performance, stability and safety the kayak offers as compared to good brand kayaks from specialty stores and paddlesport manufacturers..
Inflatable Kayaks & Packrafts Successful project of making that right fit dry bag
Inflatable Kayaks & Packrafts - Using state-of-the-art Adobe Crayon™ CAD software I came up with a design (above left) and optimal dims of about 29cm x 15cm wide by 12cm deep giving about 5.2 litres volume. Part of the attraction of this project was trying out heat-welding TPU fabric with a small iron. It looks so much easier and less messy than glue. Or so I thought.
International Rafting Federation Siberian white water enticed rafters from across the globe
International Rafting Federation - Another very successful «White Water of Siberia» rafting forum has taken place with new skills, new friendships and a truly international bonding of rafters across the globe. This was the third annual International Cultural and Sports Forum (White Water of Siberia 2018).
4Corners Riversports Dagger Nomad Medium versus Large – Which size is right for you?
4Corners Riversports - I’m constantly looking at kayak evolution and paddle a lot of different boats. Although I did not spend much time in the original Nomad 8.5, it always felt just a bit too small, so I was very stoked to get in the new Dagger Nomad Large.
ERA Kids Blog The Details are in the Fit of a Whitewater Helmet
ERA Kids Blog - The detail of buying a whitewater helmet is in the fit.  How often have you purchased a pair of shoes, eye glasses or anything else of value, only to realize after that the fit isn’t right? How about a helmet that looked nice on display, but doesn’t seem to fit quite right when you put it on to go kayaking? If the salesperson had only taken the time to help you choose the right product……
Level 6 Submit your video for the Ottawa Adventure Film Festival - Instructions
Level 6 - Outdoor youngster athletes nominate yourself or another deserving person for the the Youth Outdoor Adventure Awards under the Ottawa Adventure Film Festival. There is the chance for the winner to become Level 6 Ambassador for the year, and get equipped with the latest Level 6 gear as well!! Here are the contest entry details, check it out.
The Paddler ezine The River Champions Standing Up for their River - Balkan Rivers Tour 3
The Paddler ezine - A little goes a long way. When 300 residents of the village of Bukovica in the mountains of Montenegro found out that private investors wanted to dam their river, they each donated 10 euro and created an NGO to fight the dam. A dedicated crew of locals met the Balkan Rivers Tour 3 team for beers by the fire to talk ideas, create a press release and organize a press conference the following day in the nearby city of Nikšić.
Athletes with top online media coverage in September
1. Zane Schweitzer
2. Rush Sturges
3. Eric Jackson
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