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Tonga - _tango-1413814932

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33415 SR 2
WA 98294

Phone: +1 360 793-9488 x631

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  • Lakes
  • Oceans
  • Rivers
  • Surf
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The Tonga is great for those that know good design and craftsmanship that need to follow their budget. With design and technology characteristics right from our Premium line at a more affordable price. Great for less committed paddlers that still want to perform when they are on the water.


• Standard Performance gives you Werner's heritage for a better paddling paddle at introductory prices.
• As innovators we saw a need to move from the tear drop shape. Our longer, rectangular, slender blade design is easier on the body with a more gentle catch that does not sacrifice blade size and power.
• Seven degree blade-to-shaft offset offers a great forward stroke while freeing the blade from catching while surfing.
• Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.
• Our fiberglass shaft gives light weight at a more modest price.
• Advanced Fit options to outfit you or the tribe. Choose our carbon blend Straight Shaft in fixed length, adjustable or travel adjustable.
• Enhanced ABS Palm-grip is designed for maximum control and greater durability.
• Brightly colored fiberglass blade in Yellow.

• SUP Blade Shape
The innovators of the Long Slender Rectangular blade shape. Copied, but never duplicated, our blade shape is far and away the most gentle on the body, allowing you to enjoy the water all day without feeling beat up tomorrow. A softer feel and higher cadence without having to sacrifice blade surface area. Match this shape to your physical size and goals in the sport with 3 different sizes.

• Blade Dihedral

In 1976 Werner Sr. created an new blade design with the objective to of eliminating fatigue caused by blades fluttering when stroked. This latest paddle design had complex 3 dimensional shape on the power face known as Dihedral. This dihedral shape was created to direct water to flow evenly off each side of the blade creating a smooth and stable stroke. Without dihedral water builds up on the power face, this water gets “confused” and in order to expel this build up the blade will flutter back and forth. Therefore, by adding a dihedral angle to our blade design, water is given direction to flow easily off the blade, minimizing flutter. This reduces the gripping effort needed to overcome the flutter and allows you to use a loose grip style of paddling, reducing fatigue and increasing your enjoyment on the water. With the variety of vertical maneuvering strokes used by high angle paddlers, especially in a coastal play environment, on these paddles we use a less pronounced dihedral to allow for stable forward strokes along with directional strokes.

• SUP Travel Adjustable
Fits perfect in the travel bag of an inflatable SUP board or in your suitcase so you take your favorite paddle to that exotic location with you. Our adjustable length offers a solid and precise feel and allows to fit boards of different thicknesses or share with a friend. With a simple system, less parts to break, a smooth shaft feel, the grip telescopes with six length settings. Individual pieces of our Stand Up 3 piece Paddles may not float when unassembled. If you drop individual pieces into the water, you may lost them. 70" fits paddlers from 5'0" to 5'8" 74" fits paddlers from 5'4" to 6'1" 80" fits paddlers from 5'11" to 6'6" Individual pieces of our 3 piece option may not float when unassembled. Avoid dropping parts into the water.

• SUP Palm Grip
Our custom fit palm grip is the most comfortable grip on the market today. You will find that you will be able to keep a loose grip, even in the toughest of conditions, while the width of the full palm grip enables more blade control. A loose grip reduces fatigue and wear and tear on your joints. Small Fit utilizes a sized down version of our palm grip to fit small hands perfectly. Our ABS palm grips give the most impact resistance while carbon provides the lightest option.

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