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Jackson Kayak was born in October of 2003. We are a family owned business, dedicated to making paddling better for everyone. I’m Eric Jackson, co-founder along with Tony Lunt, my kayaker friend from Arizona. David Knight and I design the kayaks together and have been doing so since 1994. David Knight is a C-1er from the Washington, DC area. His full time job is at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Bethesda, Maryland. There, he is a naval architect with a special interest in structures (he likes to blow things up, then make them stronger, and try to blow them up again) David will retire from the government in a couple of years and move to Rock Island where we can play with him every day. My wife, Kristine is my external hard drive, my conscience and reminder of things, and my advisor. She is a partner for me in every way. You will see the attention to detail that Kristine brings to Jackson Kayak in everything we do. My partner, Tony Lunt, adds a strong business focus along with the financial support needed to strengthen the bootstraps that we have started Jackson Kayak with. He is a destination kayaker that must normally travel to find water. When not “street surfing” during the occasional downpour in Tucson, AZ, you can find him riding his stallions and roping cattle on his expansive desert ranch. Jackson Kayak is located at Rock Island, Tennessee, home of the Ultimate playboating spot as well as a river running and creeking paradise during the rainy season. We have a 92,000 square foot factory in Sparta, TN that we purchased in 2006 when we grew out of our 735 square foot ex-laundry matt. In 2008 we installed two large ovens, brining our manufacturing in house for the first time. We have a true dream team in manufacturing with John Ratliff, John Shepherd, Brad Cisco, Leif Koehler, Jase Bouldin, Tony Lee, and more! My Right hand man is Dave Olson, who I have worked with since 1999 in my former company. Dave is a genius that loves business, especially the hard stuff. He has helped me grow up as a business owner, keeping pace with the challenges of running a company that is growing and getting more complex each year.

We are becoming a full service kayak company, opening up our products to the flatwater paddlers with the All-Water, Day Trippers, and Journey’s in 2009. This is just another step to bring the Jackson Kayak flavor and dedication to making paddling a lifestyle, not a commodity. With manufacturers moving to China, and going for cheap labor instead of dedicated paddlers with years of experience and skills in making boats under the JK motto: “Build it like it is yours”. We can certainly put our boats up for the most intense inspection and you will find workmanship in every corner, every trim job, and every piece of assembly.

We back up our product with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and go above and beyond the written warranty in case of anything going wrong. You will always have access to the president of this company, me, by emailing (ericjackson at or calling me on my cell phone at 931-224-1721 . I answer all of my own emails and come from the paddler’s perspective, as I most likely was on the water that day, and every other day you try to get me. This is my dream, for myself, my family, my friends, my partners, and my staff. Most of them fall in more than one of those categories. We are living our dream and working to make this company something we can all be proud of for years to come and pass off to our children.

You and your local dealer are our company advisors; we are making this company to cater to you. We are doing what we can to be your company of choice. Feel free to provide any input, at any time.


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