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MoFreitas added a video. 2 weeks ago

Bombs in Tahiti and Hawaii - Mo Freitas

Here is a couple of the best waves I have ever ridden. Footage in Hawaii and Tahiti this year made for some really nice clips. Enjoy! #welivewater

MoFreitas added a video. 3 months ago

Mo Freitas SUP surfing Hawaii 2019

This past Spring, Oahu saw a lot of North winds and not too many good days for surfing. Heres Mo making the best of the conditions and scoring...

MoFreitas added a video. 5 months ago

Mo Freitas SUP surfing Grand Canaria

A couple months ago my dad and I traveled to Grand Canaria. We were there for two weeks and scored!! Amazing surf and good people made for such an...

MoFreitas added a video. 11 months ago

Molokai 2 Oahu 2018 - Mo Freitas

Heres some footage from the 2018 M2O crossing on a Stand up paddle board with hopefully good music.

MoFreitas added a video. 1 year ago

Santa cruz Paddle Fest 2018

The 2018 Paddle fest was a blast. The waves were good, sun was out, and people were ripping. Heres just a handful of highlights from the surfing and...

MoFreitas added a video. 1 year ago

Shortboard Surfing with Mo Freitas

I made this video with a hand full of clips that we got from the past couple of days surfing here at home on the North Shore of Oahu. The waves have...

MoFreitas added a video. 1 year ago

Mo Freitas Long boarding & Paddle boarding

Heres a couple fun waves on my long board and Paddle boar. So fun to switch it up and experience waves with different crafts. Its funny to see how...

MoFreitas added a video. 2 years ago

Mo Freitas SUP Surfing NorthShore

A couple waves at home while the wind and waves haven't been to great. None the less, the North shore still provides fun surf at certain reefs.

MoFreitas added a video. 2 years ago

Europe 2017 with Mo Freitas

Mo Freitas adventures parts of Europe and takes his Paddle Board to race and adventure in places like France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland.

MoFreitas added a video. 3 years ago

Modern Productions Hawaii winter SUP 2016

Mo Freitas SUP surfing and surfing some of the waves in hawaii this El Ninio winter.


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