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Paddling NYC for Austism: SeaPaddleNYC

Kialoa (2 hrs. ago) - Trish, a Brooklyn native and now living in Key West, FL, was preparing for her third SEA Paddle NYC. Her passion as a SUP instructor and nature lover has enabled her to make a positive difference the lives of so many. SeaPaddleNYC gives her yet another opportunity to do so. With the support of Trish, and many local friends, Maryann began her journey to this challenging event which is a 25 mile paddle challenge under the Brooklyn Bridge.  read more...

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SUP Fitness: Two-Step Tricep Toner Exercise

Standup Journal (6 hrs. ago) - Looking to tone the bag of your arms so there is no jiggle in your “waving goodbye”? Well along with a nice steady paddle session, look no further than these simple and fun exercises you can do the next you hit the water!  read more...

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The N1sco World Championships in Bernau Am

Standup Journal (8 hrs. ago) - While summer in Europe is slowly coming to an end, the N1SCO event of the season is still to come and it’s coming fast. We are beyond thrilled to have over 60 participants confirmed from various parts of the world including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Slovenia, Japan, England and Australia just to name a few.  read more...

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Oahu’s SUP Ban Proposal Withdrawn

SUP Magazine (21 hrs. ago) - Eighty-plus people showed up to discuss the possibility of a partial ban on SUP surfers in Honolulu lineups at a Hawaiian state Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) meeting last night. The proposed ban was officially withdrawn during the meeting. Surfer and lawyer Timothy MacMasters brought the proposal forward for the DLNR’s consideration because he believed SUPs caused danger in lineups as well as standup paddlers catching more than their fair share of waves  read more...

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Top SUP Gear Innovations of 2014

SUP Magazine (Aug 31) - It’s an exciting time to be a standup paddler. As the sport continues to establish itself across the world, paddlers continue to innovate not only on the water, but also in the realm of SUP technology. In every part of the industry, these visionaries continue to hone their crafts. Here, we give you the lowdown on the innovations that you’ll see more of in 2014. Kids’ Boards As in the larger world, the future lies with the children. Daily, more SUP groms are popping up all over the world and demand gear that fits their smaller bodies. Companies such as Riviera , Tahoe SUP (pictured above) and NRS are offering pint-sized paddles and boards for the sport’s future rippers,. Thanks to this gear they’ll be out in front of all of us before too long. P...  read more...

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