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The famous SUPzero News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. SUPzero editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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Masters Of The Ocean 2015

SUPboarder (3 hrs. ago) - The second day of the 2015 Master of the Ocean started with a slight breeze and some nice swell; the sun came out early and strong making conditions great for the semifinals of the surf and stand-up paddle categories for overall competitors in the morning. Hardcore supporters were on the spot bright and early, and were later joined throughout the day by more and more people.  read more...

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A Simple but Effective Way to Train Your Balance and Footwork

Larry Cain (18 hrs. ago) - I remember when I did my first SUP race at the Cold Stroke Classic in January 2011 I felt pretty good paddling on the right but felt uncomfortable on the left and really unconfident moving around on my board.  read more...

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Setting goals for A successful SUP Race Season

SUP Athletes Association (Feb 28) - One of the best techniques to increase preparedness and motivation in SUP training and racing is goal setting. Getting up early for a training session is not always going to be easy. However, establishing goals at different levels of training and competition will provide progressive steps toward realizing your competitive dreams.  read more...

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SUPing the Upper San Juan

SUP for the Soul (Feb 27) - Here’s a little video from an Upper San Juan trip I took in October. It’s got a couple of rapids, some catch on the fly waves, and lots of good times on the river.  read more...

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Supping for Clean water: Plastic Tides Expedition Making Waves

Paddling Life (Feb 27) - Plastic Tides, these guys paddle around collect water samples and analyse the damage plastic do to oceans waters. They first began circumnavigating Bermuda, they then paddled collecting samples of the Erie Canal, even in cold and icy conditions. The samples they collected were analysed by SUNY’s Great Lakes Plastic Pollution Lab and the results are sobering. Read on, know more about these cool guys… SUP, research and conservation is what drives Plasctic Tides...  read more...

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More headlines:

Time Site Headline
Feb 27Standup Journal O’Neill Launches New Global Brand Campaign Unreasonable
Feb 27SUP Examiner LA Waterkeeper adds iSUP Racing Category to Annual Stand Up for Clean Water Event
Feb 27ACA International Paddling Film Festival Coming to Virginia
Feb 27SUP Magazine Rivers on the Rise with Mcquade Andrade
Feb 26SUPracer Casper Steinfath Looks Ahead to Season 2015
Feb 26SUPboarder New Euro Tour SUP racing series adds more structure to SUP racing
Feb 25SUP Examiner The Euro Tour
Feb 25Standup Journal World’S First Underground Sup Race to Be Held in The Swiss Alps
Feb 25SUPboarder The Lovers’ Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat, & the best swell in 10 years
Feb 25Nikki Rekman Cultus Lake Summer SUP Series
Feb 25SUP Examiner Waterman League to Confirm Tour Dates
Feb 24Larry Cain Performing the Exit Correctly to Maintain Speed Between Strokes
Feb 24Surf Alaska Searching for surf in Alaska
Feb 24SUP Magazine Sean Poynter
Feb 24SUP Examiner Kai Lenny Wins 2015 Sunset Beach Pro
Feb 24SUP Magazine Sophia Bartlow, Spawn of a Wave Dancer
Feb 24SUP Surf SUP Examiner Reviews the 12.6 Air Glide Inflatable
Feb 23Atlantic Paddle Surfing Sweet surprise Sunday
Feb 23SUPracer Slater Trout Survives/Wins The Wild, Grueling Dusi Marathon Race In South Africa
Feb 23SUPracer The Euro Tour 2015 Series to unify the European Paddling Community
Feb 23Larry Cain Carry a Piece of Wet Sandpaper in Your Pocket
Feb 22Standup Journal Kai Lenny wins the Sunset Beach Pro World Tour Opener
Feb 22SUPracer The World’S First Underground Sup Race
Feb 22SUPboarder Bryce Dyer Race Analysis
Feb 2211 City Tour We Are Open for Entries
Feb 21Boarders Magazine Catching up with Vanessa Vincent
Feb 21SUP Athletes Association The Ultimate Sup Training Program Is Coming Soon
Feb 21Riding Bumps SUP and prone paddleboarding as cross training for triathletes
Feb 21Riding Bumps SUP nutrition before a short stand up paddle race
Feb 21SUP Examiner Hovie SUP 2015 Made in the USA Product Line
Feb Day 2 of The Sunsetbeachpro Produces Some Incredible Surfing in Testing Conditions
Feb 20SUP Surf Wednesday Training Group: Meeting At 5:00 Pm Hawaii Kai- Topic
Feb 20SUP Examiner The 12’6″ ULI Race Board
Feb 19SUP Magazine Rob Rojas On His 24-Hour Paddle
Feb 19SUP Magazine The SUP Movie Exclusive Sneak Peak
Feb 19SUP Examiner The X 12.6 Air Glide from SIC
Feb 19SUP for the Soul How to SUP river surf part 7: paddle strokes and braces for surfing the wave
Feb Seas the day
Feb 19SUPboarder Italy going off…
Feb 19SUP Magazine A Norwegian SUP Expedition with Titus Kodzoman
Feb 19SUP Magazine Kai Lenny Wins Sunset Beach Pro
Feb 19SUPracer Entries Open For World’s Most Unique And Special Race – The SUP 11 City Tour
Feb 19Paddle Surf Canada Paddleboarding and the RCM-SAR
Feb 19SUP Examiner The Benefits of an Inflatable SUP
Feb 18Bellyak Just Add Water Pure Fun

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