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Catching Our Breath, After BOP…

Quickblade (8 hrs. ago) - BOP was once again a stellar event. Lots of questions about the move to Salt Creek, but once more Sparky and his team were able to put on a world class race through huge surf. Paddlers were treated to one of the best left breaks in California at it’s full glory as Salt Creek woke up with a large swell. Amazingly, no one got injured in the weekend….well at least seriously…some bruises and fractures maybe. ...  read more...

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Yet Another Battle Of The Paddle Highlights Reel

SUPracer (12 hrs. ago) - Here’s another great Battle of the Paddle video, this time from the Boardworks crew. The clip was actually posted 10 days ago but only just started doing the rounds of Facebook this morning.  read more...

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10 Tips for Better Wind Paddling

Rob Casey (Oct 24) - With Autumn in full force, we've already experienced strong wind, rain and dropped temperatures. Many have put up their boards till Spring, while others are stoked to get into the changing conditions. This is prime Down winding season. Here's 4 tips to help you paddle in wind more efficiently and thus have more fun.  read more...

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Dealer Spotlight No Snow Stand Up Paddleboard Shop

Riviera Paddlesurf (Oct 24) - Popular misconception that Arizona is a dry desert, however metro Phoenix alone has 9 lakes to flatwater paddle. Owner of No Snow, Court Fetter, is a retired competition waterskier, who always loved water sports and surfing the California coast any chance he could get out there.  read more...

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Every SUP racer needs an inflatable board.

Riding Bumps (Oct 23) - If you are at all serious about your SUP racing you know that training when you are on vacation with the family or traveling for work can be a headache. Lugging around your SUP while on vacation is either impossible, impractical, or a monumental pain in the ass.  read more...

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Oct 23SUP Magazine OnIt Ability Board Makes National News
Oct 23SUP Radio Show Amendment 1 Florida Water and Land Conservation
Oct 23Dom Moore In Between Lessons Newquay Bay Is a Lot of Fun to Surf
Oct 23SUP Magazine Surf to Sound Challenge Race This Weekend
Oct 22Vermont SUP Wheelchair Paddleboarding
Oct 22SUP Magazine 2014 Standup World Series Rankings
Oct 22SUP Magazine Chattajack 31 Returns to Chattanooga
Oct 21SUPracer Travis Grant Wins The Kumano Sup Marathon as 150+ Paddlers Help Nation Stake Claim as Sup’S New Frontier
Oct 21SUP Magazine Paddle Healthy Don’T Forget Fat
Oct 21SUP Magazine C4 Waterman Outpost Holds Grand Opening Celebration
Oct 21ACA ACA SUP Yoga Program
Oct 21SUPboarder SUP boards at the UK SUP surfing nationals
Oct 21SUPracer Thought the season was over? The season is never over Here Are Four Big Races Still To Come In 2014
Oct 21Distressed Mullet Stand Strong with Mark Colino
Oct 20SUPracer  How Quickblade and Lahui Kai Won The Battle of The Paddle
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Oct 20Distressed Mullet Oriental to Beaufort 2014
Oct 19SUP Magazine Peruvian SUP Pleasures
Oct 19SUPboarder Kai Bates Peru Paradise
Oct 19Standup Journal Take a Sup journey along the Beautiful Peruvian coastline
Oct 19SUPracer Toby Cracknell, Karla Gilbert Win Day One Australian Sup Titles
Oct 19SUP Magazine Schweitzer At Huntington
Oct 18Kokatat Blog The Toaroha
Oct 18SUPracer Behind The Scenes with The Young Guns of Stand Up Paddling
Oct 18SUPracer How To Lose Your Board And Your World Series Title Hopes In One Go
Oct 17British SUP Association Bsupa National Championships 4/5 October 2014
Oct 17SUP Magazine 2014 Suws Finals Sprint Race Highlights
Oct 17Glide SUP Chris Knoles on how Yoga and Sup connected
Oct 17Starboard Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Wins Sprint Race at Turtle Bay
Oct 17AirKayaks Choosing a Pump for Your High-Pressure Inflatable Sup Paddle Board
Oct 16SUP Magazine Izzi Gomez Standup World Tour Champion
Oct 16Rob Casey Paddlers Guide for Tracking Shipping Traffic
Oct 16SUPboarder Nice SUP Downwinder in Tahiti
Oct 16Atlantic Paddle Surfing Hump day swell
Oct 16SUP Magazine Lina Augaitis Talks BOP and World Titles
Oct 16Rob Casey Feeling Lost? 4 Apps & Devices to Get Noticed in the Outdoors
Oct 16Distressed Mullet SIC Team Athlete Lina Augaitis Wins 2014 Stand Up World Series
Oct 16Hovie SUP Hovie SUP Team Paddlers take 6 overall division titles and 9 first place finishes in Sarasota

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