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Help Name This Crazy, Giant, Oversized New Inflatable From Starboard

SUPracer (7 min. ago) - Starboard Battle Week isn’t all about serious racing and painful carnage. It’s also about having fun. And right now nothing says fun like a giant, oversized, ridiculously-large inflatable stand up paddleboard.  read more...

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Izzi Gomez just phenomenal

SUPboarder (1 hour ago) - A massive congratulations to Izzi Gomez for two amazing achievements this year winning the 2014 stand-up world tour at only 14 years old, and for making ladies SUP surfing look stylish and powerful and up there with the men.  read more...

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Baxter Takes Overall Title At Huntington Beach

Connor Baxter (3 hrs. ago) - The 2014 Huntington Grand Slam was a great event. The contest started off on Tuesday with the trials for the surfing portion. The next day the main event started and I was in heat 10. The waves were funky.  read more...

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Waterman League Announces Location X and World Series Finals

SUP Magazine (6 hrs. ago) - Morocco will host this year’s Location X event, following directly on from the La Torche Pro France and running from November 8th – 16th. Final details are still being confirmed with all travel, logistic and broadcast details to be released next week. While it will not be a rankings event this year, it will adopt the exhibition status, with full prize money and featuring the Top 20 athletes on the Men’s Standup World Tour, plus four wildcards.  read more...

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How to Stand Up Paddle Through breaking waves

Standup Journal (7 hrs. ago) - In this video ACA SUP Instructor Trainer Jimmy Blakeney gives detailed instruction for getting back out through breaking waves while surfing  read more...

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