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Our famous News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. SUPzero editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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Playak Weekly Digest - week 11, 2018
Playak Weekly Digest
The world's top paddling news in week 11, 2018.
Am. Whitewater Support Wild and Scenic Protections in Idaho
Am. Whitewater - The Salmon-Challis National Forest has made a a draft Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report as part of their forest plan revision process. This area has many tributaries to the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers in central Idaho. The Draft has details of streams that are eligible for future Wild and Scenic designation.As public you can comment on this draft taking part in the planning process of having streams designated for protection by providing them the Wild and Scenic status.
Jackson Kayak Caring for your lower back and hip muscles - Paddler Body Maintenance
Jackson Kayak - As kayakers we tend to be imbalanced and develop weaknesses that can cause major problems. Shoulders and hips are two of the most common things that you hear about which require constant maintenance but recently I have heard a number of cases of paddlers including some of the top level and hardest chargers straining or pulling the Quadratus Lumborium muscle leading to having long and frustrating recoveries due to how much this one muscle does for us as paddlers.
Jackson Kayak Chattooga river run during increased water flow after rains
Jackson Kayak - When a forecast predicts 3 of rain in 2 days, most kayakers get as giddy as a kid the night before Christmas waiting for Santa to come.
unsponsored Hypoxia 2
unsponsored - Hypoxia 2, another great edit from Rob Coffey and Nick Doran. Still pre GoPro.
International Rivers Thailand Delays Decision on Power Purchase From Pak Beng Dam
International Rivers - The Mekong River in Laos, near the site of the Pak Beng Dam International Rivers 13 March 2018: In mid February, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) issued a letter to the Rak Chiang Khong Group, a Thai Mekong community network. The letter stated that a decision on signing the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the Pak Beng Dam in Laos has been deferred until the completion of the ongoing review of Thailand’s Power Development Plan (PDP). The 912 MW Pak Beng hydropower project, located in Oudomxay Province in Northern Laos, is the third hydropower dam to move forward on the Lower Mekong mainstream...
unsponsored Whitewater footages from the film - Painspotting: Choose Kayaking - Enjoy
unsponsored - Crazy bunch of whitewater kayakers in this film Painspotting: Choose Kayaking. They even drink from the boots, so they say that’s funny. There is team work, rescues, adventures and a love for life. Good white water footages for sure. Enjoy the film. Maybe we would then understand why people do whitewater kayaking when it can be dangerous and kayakers get hurt. There's something about it is it not ? .
PaddlingLight Northstar Polaris Review
PaddlingLight - This is my Northstar Polaris review well, mini-review of the Polaris.
Goal Zero Behind the Scenes: Solar Powered Filmmaking
Goal Zero - After graduating from university with a degree in Film Theory, Mads Beier set out to make films that would both challenge and inspire people. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, his production company is comprised of a crew that travels from the mountains of Europe to the streets of New York City to tell bigger, bolder stories. 
International Rivers Women Must Be Central to Decisions on Mekong Hydropower
International Rivers - In this 2014 photo taken prior to the construction of a series of dams, a woman collects weeds from the Nam Ou River in Laos.
Rapid Magazine Blog Close calls on River - Why Your Mistakes Won't Make You Smarter
Rapid Magazine Blog - It’s hard to imagine having a close call on the river and not coming away affected. Like most long-time whitewater paddlers, I can come up with a pretty good list of my close calls. These are the stories we all tell each other on tailgates and bar stools. But what do we actually learn?
Canoe Kayak St Johns River Story, Part 1 - Drew Ross and Bart Swab Push Off on a Kayak Fishing Trip, That Quickly Turns to More
Canoe Kayak - Words and photos by Drew Ross Standing on the wooden dock beside the canal leading to Blue Cypress Lake, I wondered what the future held.
American Rivers How can South Carolina Plan for Healthy Rivers and a Sustainable Future?
American Rivers - During 2018, South Carolina will embark on completing the second and final phase for a new State Water Plan, a comprehensive water resources policy for the State.
The Paddler ezine Olympus Tough Camera TG-5
The Paddler ezine - The new generation of Olympus Tough Cameras retain their photographic pedigree and roots whilst providing a host of useful and technical features.
Canoe Kayak Jim Baird, Tori and Buck Paddle the Porcupine River in This Four-Part Adventure Canoe Series.
Canoe Kayak - A new video series by Jim Baird, canoe adventurer extraordinaire, Saskatchewan Safari chronicles the epic journey of Jim, Tori, and their dog, Buck, as they explore the rarely-paddled and extremely remote Porcupine River in Saskatchewan, Canada. Watch episodes of Saskatchewan Safari: Saskatchewan Safari: Episode 1 An epic road trip en route to the putin.
Freestyle Kayaking NOC Worlds Outdoor Archery
Freestyle Kayaking NOC Worlds - You might have found the Olympic archery tournament very attractive that you want to try it out yourself. But if you have never tried archery before except just watching others play it, you should engage yourself in one.
Athletes with top online media coverage in March
1. Laird Hamilton
2. James Casey
3. Michael Booth
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