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Uploaded By: Addison. Added on: 04 December 2012.
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To say that Izak Breytenbach is just slightly obsessed with rivers is not far off the mark. Recently he persuaded a bunch of friends to join RIVERMAN on the Vaal for a day of water exposure. This video shows the result. This was the first time Izak had tried gekking (tubing in geckos) and we had to tear him away or he would still be there. Others also took to tubing like ducks to water. The river was about average for summer flow (it should be have been higher after good rains but the tunnels from the Lesotho and KZN dams have been closed for cleaning). Our guides, as always, encouraged everyone to get really wet and bomb through the whitewater without a care in the world. Come back soon when the river hits its summer highs! - Graeme, Shadrach & Sidwell (the twins), Janrico and Wilson. 084 245 2490

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