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The SUPzero Factor - Zane Schweitzer 2019

Zane Schweitzer

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SUPzero Factor July 2019: 65 points.

Relative: 22.3% of top scorer. Average: 2.2 points per day.

Brands: FCS, StarBoard

Date Category Site Headlines
Jul 30 Social ... ...
Jul 26 Social ... ...
Jul 25 Social ... ...
Jul 22 Social ... ...
Jul 21 Social ... ...
Jul 17 Videos ... ...
Jul 15 Social ... ...
Jul 12 News SUP World Mag New Infinity & SUP Surfing With ZANE
Jul 7 Social Zane Schweitzer FB Feeling grateful to share some inspiring conversations, drinks and get insight into this man’s life, Anote Tong, the former president of Kiribati and current spearhead of climate change and global warming awareness with the United Nations and around the world. Being the former leader of Kiribati, he shares his personal experience from his people and culture in the center of the world in the pacific. Kiribati is on the meeting point of the equator and the international timeline and consists of over 30 atolls spread across over 3,000 miles of ocean. These atolls and this nation has been experiencing the affects of climate change and rising sea levels directly- with the highest point of land on the atolls only being about 4 meters high off the surface of the ocean, you can imagine the seriousness and passion to create awareness and a positive change in lifestyle choices and policy. —— —— —— We are all connected in this world, and it’s all ...
Jul 7 Social Zane Schweitzer FB Hunting lines of speed and finding my rhythm through one of the worlds most roughest channels, the Pailolo channel, crossing 27 miles in between Maui and Moloka’i!
Jul 7 Social Zane Schweitzer FB What a sensation.. Whatever it is we do, it’s important to find our flow and rhythm. Hunting lines for speed 27 miles across the Pailolo Channel during the @molokaiholokai last weekend had me feeling in tune with the ocean on my @starboardsup #HyperFoil 5’0 atop of my @starboardfoils OceanSurf 1500. Mahalo for the epic follow clip @mat5o @island_eye_productions —— —— —— #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #BelieveAndCreate #BeneathTheSurface #DigDeep #EveryStepMatters #LiveTheTikiLife #DeepBlueLife #MyBlueLife #hydrofoil #foiling #downwindfoil #maui #hawaii #molokai #surf #flying
Jul 5 News SUP World Mag SUP Surf Session in SoCal With Zane Schweitzer and Anthony Maltese

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