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The SUPzero Factor - Natali Zollinger 2017

Natali Zollinger

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SUPzero Factor June 2017: 65 points.

Relative: 15.1% of top scorer. Average: 2.5 points per day.

Brands: Badfish, Boardworks

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 23 News ... ...
Jun 23 News ... ...
Jun 21 Social ... ...
Jun 17 News ... ...
Jun 12 Social ... ...
Jun 11 Social ... ...
Jun 10 Social ... ...
Jun 7 Social ... ...
Jun 7 Social ... ...
Jun 6 Social ... ...
Jun 6 Social Badfish SUP FB Ease into the weekend with your favorite adventure buddy. Paddler: @juliebike 📸: @natalizollinger #badfishsup #standuppaddle #suppup #puppy #adventurepup #doglovers #sup #inflatable
Jun 6 Social Instagram Ease into the weekend with your favorite adventure buddy. Paddler: @juliebike °: @natalizollinger #badfishsup #standuppaddle #suppup #puppy #adventurepup #doglovers #sup #inflatable
Jun 5 Social Instagram Ponderosa Wave. 3,300 cfs. Durango CO. VC: @chappellco • • • @badfishsup @wernerpaddles @astralfootwear @ripcurl_women @sweetprotection #surf #riversurf #sup
Jun 3 Social Instagram Made it to Durango, Co today to surf the Ponderosa wave on the Animas river. Definitely one of the biggest river waves I've surfed and definitely got worked! °: @natalizollinger #badfishsup #badfish #animasriverdays #suplife #riversup #riversurf #whitewatersup #standuppaddle #durango #supcolorado #supconnect
Jun 3 Social Instagram Getting back in my groove at the Durango Whitewater Park. It's been a year since I've really had a good surf session. Stoked to have my very first custom @badfishsup river surfer to practice on. Love that team so much. Every day I'm honored to call them my river family. Here's to more waves and hot summer days! ❤️°°‍♀️°°❤️ PC: @bp.surfs
Jun 3 Social Instagram @sthomassup surfing his biggest wave to date in Durango, CO. Great work! Pic by @natalizollinger To join the crew and rep your state as a land locked surfer, click the link in our bio or landlockedsurfing.com/gear to check the gear that can make it happen! To feature your #landlockedsurfing adventures tag @land_locked_surfing in your next post.

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