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The SUPzero Factor - Kai Lenny 2018

Kai Lenny

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SUPzero Factor March 2018: 128 points.

Relative: 37.3% of top scorer. Average: 4.3 points per day.

Brands: Naish

Date Category Site Headlines
Mar 30 Social ... ...
Mar 30 Social ... ...
Mar 26 Social ... ...
Mar 24 Social ... ...
Mar 24 Social ... ...
Mar 23 News ... ...
Mar 23 News ... ...
Mar 21 Social ... ...
Mar 21 Social ... ...
Mar 20 Social ... ...
Mar 20 Social ... ...
Mar 20 News SUP World Mag Kai VLOG 7: Another Day on MAUI
Mar 19 Social Instagram Anyone fancy having a go at downwind foiling this summer? Check out @kai_lenny new vlog for a first class demonstration! . . #Repost @kai_lenny with @get_repost ・・・ NEW Kai VLOG 7! Made the most of my short time home to continue my physical training both in the gym and in the water before I headed to Tahiti. the funniest moment came when my friend @kodykerbox and I attempted a downwinder on foils, thing was there was no wind. A mile out at sea is a long way to swim in if we fall. °° Link to full episode in my profile ° Edit: @ryan_a_johnson ° @chapslife . . . . . . #sup #standuppaddle #downwind #windsurf #devon #plymouth #wembury #southwestisbest #bigbury #gopro #bantham #cornwall
Mar 15 Forums Stand Up Zone Re: Foil Videos
Mar 15 News SUP World Mag 48 Hours with Kai Lenny
Mar 12 Social Standup Journal FB When Kai Lenny paddles out on a massive day at Jaws .. and foils. People, take note. https://standupjournal.com/videos/kai-lenny-surfs-massive-jaws-on-a-foil/
Mar 3 Social Standup Journal FB Izzi Gomez testing the new equipment from 2018 sponsor Infinity SUP Looking forward to a bright year ahead for this lady ripper. Ride on Team Infinity! #paddlelikeafreak https://standupjournal.com/news/kai-lenny-izzy-gomez-sunset-beach-pro/
Mar 2 Social Stand Up Surfing & Paddling FB At the Nazare Challenge 2018 with Kai Lenny! HUGE! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #Bigwave #nazare #portugal #portugalsurfing

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