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The SUPzero Factor - Fernando Stalla 2017

Fernando Stalla

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SUPzero Factor June 2017: 35 points.

Relative: 7.6% of top scorer. Average: 1.2 points per day.

Brands: Quickblade, Rogue SUP

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 10 Social ... ...
Jun 10 Social ... ...
Jun 9 Social ... ...
Jun 8 Social ... ...
Jun 7 Social ... ...
Jun 6 Social Instagram Waking up in Tahiti ° Thanks @airtahitinui for getting us to this paradise . This weekend will be the #tahitiwatermantour and the 28 the world championship of Va'a (Tahitian canoe) #tahiti #frenchpolinesia #surf #sup #standuppaddle #virusintl #ocean #adventure #fitness @virusintl @bombereyewear @oxendurance @renicgear @cobian_sup @futuressup @vestpac @riviera_nayarit @jblspearguns @seleccionmexicadasup @puntasayulitamexico @suunto @mybuenavida
Jun 6 Social Instagram Our first day in Tahiti . #tahiti #tahitian #baby #adventure #surf #sup #standuppaddle #ocean #fitness @roguesup @virusintl @bombereyewear @oxendurance @renicgear @cobian_sup @futuressup @vestpac @riviera_nayarit @jblspearguns @seleccionmexicadasup @puntasayulitamexico @suunto @mybuenavida
Jun 4 Social Instagram Picking up some @futuressup fins for my trip to Tahiti, and Kahili really like the new @jamie_mitcho fins °°° #surf #fins #standuppaddle #sup #babygirl #california #tahiti #mexico #adventure @virusintl @bombereyewear @oxendurance @renicgear @cobian_sup @futuressup @vestpac @riviera_nayarit @jblspearguns @seleccionmexicadasup @puntasayulitamexico @suunto @mybuenavida

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