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The SUPzero Factor - Dan Gavere 2017

Dan Gavere

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SUPzero Factor June 2017: 66 points.

Relative: 14.4% of top scorer. Average: 2.3 points per day.

Brands: FCS, Level Six, StarBoard

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 29 Social ... ...
Jun 29 News ... ...
Jun 27 News ... ...
Jun 23 News ... ...
Jun 21 News ... ...
Jun 19 News ... ...
Jun 14 Forums ... ...
Jun 13 Forums ... ...
Jun 13 News ... ...
Jun 13 Forums ... ...
Jun 9 News SUP International HOW TO CARRY THE BOARD
Jun 8 Social Standup Journal FB River sup in the North West is on fire! Those heavy winter snows have led to ice melts making every stream a river and every river a swirling field of rapids for stand up paddlers! Check out Dan Gavere's recent video from Wind River in Washington state and see how heading WEST this spring may put some stoke in YOUR step! https://youtu.be/tMjAvKakzbM
Jun 7 Social Standup Journal FB 'Sternwheel Stand Up Paddling With Dan Gavere and Mike Tavares': http://bit.ly/1I78kTw
Jun 7 Social Instagram Intro to Whitewater SUP clinic with Dan Gavere is June 29th. Only 5 spots available. #learnfromthebest #riversup #supinstruction #riversup #supottawa #ottawariver #standuppaddle
Jun 3 Social Instagram The river was awesome today, and so was the One Wheel @blakes_day_off rolling with style. Don't miss our river clinics with Dan Gavere @danyak101 this Sunday June 4th. We are hosting a 101 intro to river paddling clinic leaving for the Provo River at 8:00 a.m. and a 201 advanced river clinic leaving at 2:00 p.m. We will also have our wheel at both clinics and give you some pointers and time on the wheel. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the great river paddlers! EMAIL PARKCITYSUP@GMAIL.COM TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT, SPACE IS LIMITED ° #rollingonariver #sup #riversup #clinic #whitewater #water #skills #onewheel #fun #standuppaddleboarding @rideonewheel @solpaddleboards @prolitesup
Jun 2 Social Standup Journal FB Starboard legend Dan Gavere and his buds have been taking full advantage of one of the heaviest spring snowmelts in Pacific Northwest history! Dan tells us that even little cow creeks barely above ankle deep are providing killer runs at overflow levels. http://standupjournal.com/videos/some-of-the-gnarliest-river-suping-you-will-ever-see/

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