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The SUPzero Factor - Casper Steinfath 2019

Casper Steinfath

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SUPzero Factor June 2019: 54 points.

Relative: 40.9% of top scorer. Average: 1.9 points per day.

Brands: Naish

Date Category Site Headlines
Jun 25 Social ... ...
Jun 22 Social ... ...
Jun 20 Social ... ...
Jun 17 Social Naish Stand Up Paddling FB Balance.. Casper Steinfath taking his training up a notch. photo: Nicklas Kold Nagel
Jun 5 News Naish Casper Steinfath Earns 7th Danish National SUP Title
Jun 5 Social Naish Stand Up Paddling FB Casper Steinfath showed why he is the Viking king of SUP this weekend collecting his seventh national title. Naish teammate Caroline Küntzel also collected a gold medal. Check out the full recap here: photo: Fotograf Henrik Wagner G

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