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The SUPzero Factor - BIC SUP 2018


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SUPzero Factor 2018: 38 points.

Relative: 5.7% of top scorer. Average: 2.0 points per day.

Date Category Site Headlines
Jan 19 Social ... ...
Jan 19 Videos ... ...
Jan 16 Social ... ...
Jan 15 Social ... ...
Jan 14 Social ... ...
Jan 14 Social ... ...
Jan 12 Social ... ...
Jan 9 Social ... ...
Jan 7 Social ... ...
Jan 7 Social ... ...
Jan 7 Social BIC SUP FB It's going to take awhile for this guy to thaw out from his first surf session of 2018, as the bitter freeze grips the east coast. Find your board, follow your dreams - goo.gl/J8OMfn BIC SUP Ambassador Robert Hess
Jan 5 Social Standup Journal FB The stoke is real! Waterwoman Sarah Cole of Paddle Barbados celebrates her quiver in the face of incoming swells to this tiny island surrounded by good waves. BIC SUP Check out this beginner’s Sup surf vid by husband Jason to get YOU started! 🤙🏽 https://standupjournal.com/tips/learn-sup-surf-video-beginners/
Jan 5 Social BIC SUP FB The winding estuaries of The Crystal Coast are the perfect fishing spot for BIC SUP Ambassador Matt Hite and his quest for Red's. Find your board, follow your dreams - http://goo.gl/36gJZc
Jan 4 Social BIC SUP FB A leash is a simple piece of saftey equipment that takes seconds to install but gives you years on your life.
Jan 3 Social Standup Journal FB Make 2018 the year to unleash your inner warrior! What goals do you want to achieve with Sup? What dream vacations need to be fulfilled? Tell US at Standup Journal and let’s GET ON IT 😉 Photo: H2yo! with Julie Roach BIC SUP #supgoals
Jan 1 Social BIC SUP FB May you find your peaceful place in 2018. Happy New Year! Find your board and follow your dreams. BIC SUP Ambassador Julie Roach

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