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The SUPzero Factor - Alain Teurquetil 2018

Alain Teurquetil

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SUPzero Factor March 2018: 65 points.

Relative: 19.0% of top scorer. Average: 2.2 points per day.

Date Category Site Headlines
Mar 25 Social ... ...
Mar 25 Social ... ...
Mar 25 Social ... ...
Mar 11 Social ... ...
Mar 11 Social ... ...
Mar 10 Social ... ...
Mar 10 News ... ...
Mar 9 News SUPracer Good Wine, Good Design and How to Make the Winning Molokai Board With NSP Designer Alain Teurquetil
Mar 7 Social NSP FB Have you ever wondered what motivates paddleboard designers to create the boards the way they do? SUP Racer goes behind the scenes to ask #NSP designer Alain Teurquetil all the important questions about designs (Puma vs Sonic), wine and Molukai. Be sure to watch till the end to see who Alain picks, Titouan Puyo or Travis Grant, to win the Molukai 2 Oahu race - and keep in mind, they are all best friends :) What board will you race on next? - - - - - - Featured board: - - - - - -
Mar 3 Social NSP FB Congratulations to #NSP team riders Titouan Puyo (2nd) and Marcus Hansen (4th), who battled the heat, sun and lack of wind at the 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Race 2018 today. You can watch the recap of the Live feed over at The Paddle League. Thanks to NSP race board designer Alain Teurquetil and SUP Racer for the images. More on the 14' NSP Sonic race board here:
Mar 2 Social NSP FB Looks like the boys from the #NSP racing team made it to Australia for the 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Race 2018. Tune in to SUP Racer tomorrow morning to watch the live feed and keep up with all the action. Titouan Puyo Marcus Hansen Vincent Guillaume Ben Riviere Alain Teurquetil The Paddle League TotalSUP NSP - surf et stand up paddle boards - France NSP Australia NSP- New Surf Project

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